10 Of The Best Types Of Content To Build A Company’s Online Presence

10 Of The Best Types Of Content To Build A Company’s Online Presence


Content is still the name of the game in marketing today, and there are as many different types of digital content as there are platforms and outlets through which it can be distributed. It’s not enough to throw random material up on a virtual “wall” to see what sticks. To establish a strong online presence for your company, it is key to create and share the content you produce in the most strategic way possible.

You need to decide up front what the most effective type of content will be for building online awareness of your brand. Before you dive into creating it, read what these 10 experts from Forbes Communications Council have to say about the best forms of content for building a strong online presence for your company.

1. ‘No Purchase Necessary’ Knowledge

Apart from varying topics and media, which I wholeheartedly agree with, we take a very “no purchase necessary” approach to our content. For traffic-generating content, approach things in such a way that readers will find valuable knowledge without needing to purchase your product. The deeper into the funnel they go, the more specific to your company the content can become. And always write good, clean copy! – Murph Krajewski, Sharpen Technologies

2. Educational Stories With Proof Points

In order to drive readership and followers, content has to be interesting, whether it is comprised of thought leadership, company news or technical details. Informative, educational stories with proof points, including market data, customer stories and the quantified benefits of what’s being offered work best. A balanced mix of text, visual, video and interactive content is important to keep visitors engaged. – Isabelle Dumont, Cowbell Cyber

3. A Mix That Creates A Realistic Brand Image

No single type of content is best. To fully demonstrate their value and culture, companies need a mix of thought leadership pieces, customer testimonials and videos, case studies, community involvement features and more. An overreliance on one tactic can lead to a stilted, unrealistic brand image, which can leave customers and new hires disappointed when they actually engage with you. – Robert Neely, Lima One Capital

4. Data-Driven, Solution-Oriented Content 

High-quality, data-driven content that provides insights on issues along with solution-oriented approaches is best for bolstering your reputation. Consistently delivering content that is aligned with your purpose-driven mission will help you become a trusted voice. Quality backlinks and positive social media sentiment will follow. – Shon Dellinger, Bold, Inc

Forbes Communications Council is an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. Do I qualify?

5. Search-Optimized Thought Leadership

Use a mix of thought leadership, news, partnerships, local and social. Go heavy on thought leadership. Search-optimized, knowledgeable content, such as longer-form blog posts from the executive, is recognized as such by Google, Bing and other search engines. – Sheryl Seitz, Plus One Robotics

6. Short, Audience-Centric Content

Focus on short, audience-centric content that is shareable downstream. While video has reigned supreme, mixed media graphics and iconography can get the point across even faster with just a glance and, even more importantly, without disturbing anyone else around you, making this the ideal “anywhere” content. – Mollie Barnett, Satco Products, Incorporated

7. Content For And Featuring Your Readers

It’s all about WIIFM—“What’s in it for me?” No matter how interesting your content is to you, it may mean nothing to your reader unless you position it as being useful and interesting to them. Also, engaging your key stakeholders is critical. Draw your customers, partners, investors and employees into online conversations; quote them, include them in videos, give them backlinks and invite them to engage. – Juhi Hajela, BlueStacks

8. Specific Content For Each Level Of Your Funnel

The “best” type of content can vary widely for every brand, as well as for each individual visitor. The best type is the one that matches where someone is in the customer journey and in your funnel. If they’re in research mode, then have the thought leadership content that they seek and need ready for them. If they’re in consideration mode, have the sales tools to inform their decision. Cover all levels of your funnel. – Corey Morris, Voltage

9. News About Successes And New Partnerships

It is a great idea to announce your successes and new partnerships. Sharing your successes allows clients to see how well you are doing and also paints your company as a successful business, which will want to make others work with you. Communicating new launches, offerings, services and partnerships is also vital so that your clients can stay up to date on everything that’s going on. – Christian Anderson, Lost Boy Entertainment Company

10. Engaging Content Your Audience Wants To Share

To build an online presence, focus on engagement. Very few people are excited about following a corporate social media account. Want to be blasted with press releases and sales pitches all day? No thanks! Instead, think about what your audience would want to share or let other people know they like. It’s all about them, not you. Start with how-tos, surveys, universal jokes and conversation starters. – Ellen Sluder


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