350+ Forum Submission Sites to Get Backlinks and Drive Traffic

350+ Forum Submission Sites to Get Backlinks and Drive Traffic


When there was no YouTube or Google, people were forced to stick to traditional mediums to acquire knowledge and gather information. The Internet has been a breakthrough channel for sharing information. 

Now you can send your message across effectively and connect with millions of people like never before.  

If you ask your parents or grandparents, I’m sure they would agree that the Internet has revolutionized the form of communication because they did not have such liberty to share anything with the world and build an audience. 

Sharing of information and putting your word out on any topic is like a superpower because you cannot only monetize your skills but build virtual relationships globally through the internet. 

There are so many platforms where you can discuss any random topic with like-minded people and comment on your views about the subject matter.

If you have what it takes, you can grow your following and improve your network online through conveying and sharing information through discussion.

What is Forum Submission?

Forum submission is one such activity where you go to a website, a forum submission sites, find out what people are talking about your industry and share a genuine comment with your point of view regarding the context. 

In SEO, form submission websites have a particular role in providing backlinks to websites.

Whenever you find a relevant topic on a particular forum, you write a detailed answer according to that specific niche. In that answer, you also provide a hyperlink, which is a backlink to your landing page.

Through this whole scenario, you try to get maximum do-follow backlinks from high-quality forum websites, and you also ensure to get more website traffic by redirecting people to your landing pages in search of more information.

Marketing agencies or online advertisers have been including forum submissions as part of their online marketing services packages intending to build backlinks for clients’ websites. 

Forum submission is one of the oldest forms of creating inbound links for your landing pages to get SEO benefits and rank higher in search engine result pages.

But as search engine algorithms are evolving, some marketers also believe that forum submission sites are no longer effective in creating SEO value and improving search engine rankings.

So, do they really work? Let’s focus more on that point.

Is Forum Submission still Working for SEO?

During the initial days of search engine optimization, backlinks are the only parameter required to rank higher in search engine result pages.

So, website owners tried to focus only on backlinks irrespective of relevancy and quality. That mindset led to black hat SEO, where people were just spamming irrelevant comments on forum sites for the sake of creating backlinks and improving organic rankings.

At that time, forum submission was the go-to solution for getting more backlinks and improving search engine rankings.

Earlier, forum submission websites used to provide do-follow backlinks to websites. Do-follow backlinks are the powerful signal of getting better rankings in search engine result pages.

As time passed, search engine algorithms have become smarter, and they have made stricter rules to determine whether landing pages are relevant for ranking or not.

Given that backlinks are still relevant, the method which was used earlier is no longer working in 2020.

Having said that, there are many online discussion websites available where you can contribute your point, add value to the discussions, and also ensure your relevant backlink that could generate decent referral traffic to the desired landing pages.

Online forums and discussion websites like Quora and Reddit are still great platforms to reach thousands of relevant audience, who search these platforms to find relevant answers to their questions.

Here, are you can write relevant answers to the questions and also cite your custom landing page if it helps the discussion. 

Most of the excellent quality forum websites no longer provide a do-follow backlink.  Therefore, by submitting your site on these websites, you can maintain the ratio of do-follow and no-follow backlinks and get relevant people to your websites.

Let’s discuss from which of the places of these forum websites you can get backlinks.

Where to get Backlink from Forum

Most of the forum submission websites ask you to create a profile. It is similar to a social media platform where you have to sign up on the platform to be able to access it.

When you submit your answers in the forum, you need a profile through which you can contribute answers.

You cannot simply go to these websites and publish answers as a guest.  You need a verified profile with all the necessary details to start leveraging forum submission websites for SEO benefits.

While creating the profile, the forum will allow you to enter your website URL in detail to showcase your work to the audience. Check out an example below of a Quora profile.

350+ Forum Submission Sites to Get Backlinks and Drive Traffic 2

Whether you are representing a client, a company or your own blog, you will be able to enter a relevant URL in the profile so that if someone wants to connect to you or visits your profile on the forum, they can redirect to your website.

Most of the forum websites provide a no-follow backlink, but that’s ok because these links are still powerful enough to generate loads of referral traffic.

Signature links are backlinks cited at the end of the answer. It is a citation that redirects the user to the third-party website.

For example, if you are commenting on health and fitness forum to build backlinks for your professional blog.  

At that time, after writing something on the forum, you mention your name, followed by your website name and citation to it. 

You can also mention links to third-party resources in your signature.

Post threads are the answers or conversations around a particular question of the field of study on the forum.

Along with the answers that you have shared on relevant questions, so you can mention relevant backlinks to a website. You can also cite a relevant backlink on the appropriate anchor text from the post or the answer.  

See the below snapshot of how relevant backlinks are mentioned in a Reddit thread.

350+ Forum Submission Sites to Get Backlinks and Drive Traffic 3

This way, you can redirect the reader to the relevant landing pages whenever they are reading your post on the thread.

Things to Consider Before Creating Forum Profile

You cannot just go to all the forums and start sharing your backlink. There are some things that you need to consider to leverage the medium.

  • Make Sure It is Relevant 

Before you decide to engage on a forum website, make sure it is relevant to your niche. Relevancy goes a long way in search engine optimization. 

Through forum commenting, you are aspiring to get more relevant users to your landing pages. So, if you own a diet blog and you start commenting on the forums of entertainment, then it will give you no fruit unless the discussion is relevant. 

Moreover, while creating the profile, never avoid anything that is relevant to your business. Always share your real name, email address, headshot (if possible), and website URL.

Remember that your profile will be the face of the company on the forum, so you must ensure that it is relevant and genuine.

Things not to Do on The Forums

Spamming is the last thing that you want to do when you are doing online marketing.  Especially in forums and good quality discussion websites, irrelevant post threads would be considered as spam and might lead to profile banning.

Quora and Reddit have a stringent evaluation framework where they assess all the answers and determine whether it is relevant to the question.

If the answer is not relevant, they find it fishy and delete the answer. In some cases, they might also ban the profile.

  • Answer Not For the Sack of Answering

On the online forum submission websites,  your focus should never be on creating backlinks only.  

I understand that you have a deadline to meet, and you have to create a certain number of backlinks for the client. However, you are creating backlinks to generate more referral traffic and organic search engine traffic for your websites.

If you keep answering all the questions and mentioning your links in all of them throughout the forum, it would make no sense at all.

You should try to build a reputation on the forum by answering a few generic questions to educate and provide information to the readers.

  • Don’t Use Hate Speech 

While explaining your point of view with a fellow member, always be respectful, and show gratitude to the readers and fellow writers of the forum.

Sometimes, the discussions might get proactive, and conversations become heated. At that time, you have to keep your calm.

Never use cuss words or reprimand someone. Only if the context of the discussion requires you to write the rash language, then only you should prefer that type of language.

Here is the list of Forum Submission Sites

26403.dynamicboard.de 40
localsearchforum.com 40
askaboutmoney.com 40
altcoinstalks.com 40
cyclingforums.com 41
dnforum.com 41
litecointalk.io 41
forums.mozilla.or.kr 42
treiber.de 42
zyngaplayerforums.com 42
dreamteammoney.com 42
topmudsites.com 42
forum.websitebaker.org 42
austech.info 42
deeponion.org 42
topmudsites.com/forums 43
fashionindustrynetwork.com/forum 43
chinalanguage.com/forums 43
gardenstew.com 43
skepticforum.com 43
gpwa.org 43
security-forums.com 43
homeopathyhome.com 43
fashionindustrynetwork.com 43
forums.online-sweepstakes.com 44
fishsniffer.com 44
enetget.com 44
forums.lablit.com 45
homeservershow.com/forums 45
scarlet-clicks.info 45
seomastering.com 45
homeservershow.com 45
unicyclist.com 45
game-editor.com 45
forums.onlinebookclub.org 46
cyburbia.org 46
forum.meteonetwork.it 46
alldeaf.com 46
abestweb.com 46
forums.formz.com 47
forums.mymemories.com 47
indusladies.com/forums 47
forums.hostsearch.com 47
forum.wpde.org 47
loinc.org 47
computerforum.com 47
threadwatch.org 47
indusladies.com 47
forum.undernet.org 48
compass.centralmethodist.edu 48
ethicalhacker.net 48
sheffieldforum.co.uk 48
cryptocurrencytalk.com 48
techexams.net 48
forums.hawkhost.com 49
knsz.prz.edu.pl 49
veteranaid.org/forums 49
v7n.com/forums 49
articles.abilogic.com 49
nec.phorum.pl 49
korea4expats.com/forum-south-korea 50
gamershood.com/forum 50
rarityguide.com/forums 50
antionline.com 50
forums.phpbb-fr.com 50
wickedfire.com 50
forum.level1techs.com 50
forums.debian.net 51
theadminzone.com 51
freewebsitetemplates.com 51
ganoksin.com/orchid 51
forum.cmsmadesimple.org 51
gamershood.com 51
ozzu.com 52
blackberryforums.com 52
sysnative.com 52
starity.hu 52
forums.fedoraforum.org 52
homedistiller.org 52
studentedge.org/forums 53
gmatclub.com/forum 53
gamecareerguide.com 53
forums.zmanda.com 53
gmatclub.com 53
windowsbbs.com 53
universalmediaserver.com/forum 54
ocdaction.org.uk/forum 54
webdeveloper.com 54
softcatala.org 54
ocdaction.org.uk 54
forum.submitexpress.com 55
forum.textpattern.com 55
submitexpress.com/bbs 55
forum.whatismyip.com 55
forum.twilightlexicon.com 55
mac-forums.com 55
forum.framasoft.org 56
moodle.nic.cz 56
namepros.com/index.php 56
knittinghelp.com/forum 56
expat-blog.com/forum 56
forum.topeleven.com 56
wysiwygwebbuilder.com 56
forum.parallels.com 56
wahm.com 56
erc.edu 56
technibble.com 56
pcspecialist.co.uk 56
forums.windowsecurity.com 56
forums.vintagefashionguild.org 56
forum.whiskymag.com 56
namepros.com 56
expat-blog.com 56
galleryproject.org/forum 57
syncfusion.com/forums 57
galleryproject.org 57
movie-list.com 57
forum.axishistory.com 57
discussions.vtiger.com 57
syncfusion.com 57
forums.caspio.com 57
spamihilator.com 57
StupidVideos.com 58
ru.piwigo.org 58
envirolink.org/forum 58
theguild.informe.com 58
seo-forum.link-assistant.com 58
ecomodder.com 58
envirolink.org 58
forum.pcmech.com 58
bellazon.com 58
inbound.org 58
coingage.co 58
forum.antp.be 59
forum.maniaplanet.com 59
blackhatworld.com 59
cryptozoic.com 59
community.mybb.com 59
forums.ocworkbench.com 59
teach-nology.com 59
df.eu 59
pricescope.com 59
basenotes.net 59
forums.mexonline.com 59
kanyetothe.com 59
cboard.cprogramming.com 60
beamng.com 60
dreamincode.net 60
delphiforums.com 60
forums.devshed.com 60
blenderartists.org/forum 60
themeparkreview.com/forum 60
tale-of-tales.com 60
hometheaterforum.com 60
styleforum.net 60
bbpress.org/forums 61
cs.trains.com 61
blenderartists.org 61
bbpress.org 61
forums.securityinfowatch.com 61
pcguide.com 61
forums.equestriadaily.com 62
talk.collegeconfidential.com 62
forums.watchuseek.com/forum.php 62
alice.org/community 62
forum.ionicframework.com 62
forums.foxitsoftware.com 62
testfreaks.com 62
azbyka.ru 62
forums.watchuseek.com 62
xtremesystems.org 62
bookforum.com 63
travellerspoint.com/forum.cfm 63
Viewster.com 63
resurrection.bungie.org 63
ckeditor.com/forums 63
ecommercebytes.com/forums 63
travellerspoint.com 63
ecommercebytes.com 63
overclockers.com 63
chictopia.com 63
ckeditor.com/oldforums 64
forums.redflagdeals.com 64
rw-designer.com/forum 64
warriorforum.com 64
eubusiness.com/discussion 64
eubusiness.com 64
debate.org/forums 64
ecastats.uneca.org 64
ckeditor.com 64
forum.luminous-landscape.com 64
rw-designer.com 64
portablefreeware.com 64
digitalstorm.com 64
geekstogo.com 64
womanandhome.com 64
forum.html.it 64
bbs.iodata.jp 65
kvraudio.com/forum 65
forums.techguy.org 65
cmsimpleforum.com 65
forum.avantbrowser.com 65
shroomery.org 65
coffeecup.com 65
debate.org 65
forum.rpg.net 65
forum.digital-digest.com 65
getmiro.com 66
shroomery.org/forums 66
coffeecup.com/forums 66
forum.cyclinguk.org 66
council.smallwarsjournal.com 66
forums.seochat.com 67
wilderssecurity.com 67
webhostingtalk.com 67
teachertube.com 67
forum.gsmhosting.com 67
cycling74.com 67
seochat.com 67
forums.computershopper.com 67
india-forums.com 67
forums.thedigitalfix.com 67
blinkx.com 68
mathforum.org 68
techsupportforum.com 68
forums.bellaonline.com 68
thestudentroom.co.uk/forum.php 68
dynamicdrive.com 68
forum.dbpoweramp.com 68
thestudentroom.co.uk 68
daniweb.com 68
mgldev.scripps.edu/forum 69
discourse.omnigroup.com 69
forums.devx.com 69
mgldev.scripps.edu 69
godtube.com 70
writersdigest.com/forum 70
mediamonkey.com/forum 70
gforge.wits.ac.za 70
pantallaglobalpostexposicio.cccb.org 70
sencha.com 70
mediamonkey.com 70
soundonsound.com 70
forums.hannity.com 70
banan.cz 71
forum.purseblog.com 71
sanparks.org 71
forums.kayako.com 71
en.forum.laptop.org 71
oneindia.in 72
forums.mozillazine.org 72
forums.overclockers.co.uk 72
thaivisa.com 72
techno-science.net 72
ecwid.com 72
forum.webflow.com 72
cryptocompare.com 72
ecwid.com 72
viddler.com 73
forum.santabanta.com 73
forums.gentoo.org 73
forum.owncloud.org 73
coachella.com 73
forums.mydigitallife.info 74
boards.straightdope.com 74
forums.digitalpoint.com 74
hardforum.com 75
crackle.com 75
forum.ableton.com 75
neosmart.net 75
marketingprofs.com 75
forums.comicbookresources.com 75
my.gurl.com 75
simplemachines.org/community 76
webmasterworld.com 76
avsforum.com 76
duc.avid.com 76
lookbook.nu 76
forum.ethereum.org 76
sevenforums.com 76
forums.seroundtable.com 77
ubuntuforums.org 77
kirupa.com 77
forums.afterdawn.com 77
forum.winehq.org 77
mywot.com/enforum 78
jibjab.com 78
forum.qip.ru 78
mywot.com 78
fotki.com 79
city-data.com/forum 79
cruzroja.es 79
forum.daemon-tools.cc 79
forums.superherohype.com 79
forums.thefashionspot.com 79
sba.gov/community 80
forums.linuxmint.com 80
chronicle.com/forums 80
chronicle.com 80
boards.core77.com 80
topix.com/forum 80
GrindTV.com 81
digital-photography-school.com/forum 81
forums.envato.com 81
phpbt.online.fr 81
city-data.com 81
topix.com 81
digital-photography-school.com 81
forums.guru3d.com 81
fashionbeans.com 81
discussion.femalefirst.co.uk 81
forums.pcper.com 81
forums.asp.net 82
forums.moneysavingexpert.com 82
digitalocean.com/community 82
digitalocean.com 82
computerhope.com 82
vogue.com.au 82
forum.audacityteam.org 82
mybroadband.co.za 82
joblo.com 83
forums.majorgeeks.com 83
myvideo.de 84
forum.filezilla-project.org 84
forum.lowyat.net 84
forums.xkcd.com 85
hints.macworld.com 85
forum.siteground.com 85
forum.statcounter.com/vb 85
idpf.org 85
skyscrapercity.com 85
xenforo.com 85
brightcove.com 86
funnyordie.com 86
forum.statcounter.com 86
community.cbr.com 86
xenforo.com/community 86
phpbb.com 86
bitcointalk.org 86
forum.arduino.cc 87
community.sitepoint.com 87
techspot.com 87
techrepublic.com 87
neowin.net/forum 88
eclipse.org 88
adblockplus.org 88
forum.bitdefender.com 88
forum.xat.com 88
ultimate-guitar.com 88
neowin.net 88
forum.bodybuilding.com 88
moz.com 89
forum.openoffice.org 89
sci.rutgers.edu 89
bleepingcomputer.com 89
allkpop.com 89
message.snopes.com 89
forum.bitcoin.com 89
forum.kaspersky.com 90
forums.macrumors.com 90
forums.hostgator.com 90
forum.joomla.org 91
forums.futura-sciences.com 91
community.amd.com 91
forum.piriform.com 91
drupal.org 91
forum.wordreference.com 92
flickr.com/helpforum 92
community.skype.com 92
answers.yahoo.com 92
flickr.com 92
fvwmforums.org 92
manufacturing.autodesk.com 92
forum.utorrent.com 92
forum.ovh.com 93
000webhost.com 93
ecommerce.shopify.com/forums 93
theverge.com/forums 93
forums.mysql.com 93
icl.cs.utk.edu 93
theory.cm.utexas.edu 93
theverge.com 93
ecommerce.shopify.com 93
vip.asus.com 93
forums.cpanel.net 94
cnet.com 94
forums.myspace.com 95
wordpress.org/support 98
wordpress.org 98
answers.microsoft.com 100


I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below about what do you think about forum submission websites.

These are the necessary steps and opportunities of creating backlinks that you can leverage in 2020 to get better search engine ranking and generate traffic to your landing page.


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