350+ Profile Creation Websites for Backlinks in May 2021

350+ Profile Creation Websites for Backlinks in May 2021


In the field of searchengine optimization, it is essential yet tough for a website to get as manybacklinks as possible and secure the highest position in search engine resultpages.

The whole purpose of SEOis to get maximum coverage for relevant keywords, so that interested prospectscan visit and get converted to consumers through a website.

To begin optimizing yourwebsite, you can improve on-site SEO, write persuasive content, publish a guestpost, make viral social media posts, etc..

However, the end goal isto create backlinks for your website.

350+ Profile Creation Websites to Get High DA Backlinks in 2021 2

Howdo search engines work?

Let’s take Google, forexample, to ensure impeccable user experience, whenever somebody searches forsomething in Google, it dives deep into millions of web pages and provideextremely relevant results.

How does Google ensurethat a particular landing page has what it takes to provide a valuable solutionto the users and deserved to be ranked at the 1st position of the 1st page ofSERP?

Google checks the relevancyof a particular website and identifies its worthiness for a specific searchquery. Along with the content, it also verifies whether other third-partydomains are pointing towards a specific web resource.

In fact, the end goal of backlinks is to provide you with more linking domains, which have a significant influence behind ranking your website in search engines. (Source: Backlinko)

For users goes for localsearch, search engines crawl a couple of other resources to identify the localkeywords users have typed.

For example, if yousearch for a local plumber named “XYZ”, Google will hunt all the local keywordsrelated to the brand name “XYZ”.

They go to this profilecreation websites and look for a different type of variables like name, emailaddress, website, physical location, etc. So, if the plumber “XYZ” has builtprofiles on high-authority sites, Google would rank its website higher in SERP.

Note: While creating profiles, ensure that you are sharing the same information across all the websites. Business information like phone number, email address and everything else on all the profile creation websites must be concurrent. This will increase the credibility of your brand name. So, as Google will observe the same information across multiple sites, your website will rank higher.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the quality profile creation sites list to improve search engine rankings.

Here is the complete list of all Profile Creation Websites.

Medium (DA: 95)

Medium is one of themost engaging online publishing platform that allows everyone to share theirthoughts and content in the form of blogs.

Similar to Blogspot andWordpress.com, you can create your own blog and share your content onMedium.com.

The Medium will providea unique web address and unlimited hosting after the user registered on theplatform.

350+ Profile Creation Websites to Get High DA Backlinks in 2021 3

Medium covers almostevery niche of blogging. Thus, it is a powerhouse of excellent content andprovides an affordable publishing platform for everyone who could not buy acustom domain and host for the website.

After creating yourprofile, you would be able to edit the bio as per your needs and mention yourwebsite to gain maximum popularity and a quality backlink.

The domain authority ofthis website is competent. So, if you optimize your profile by sharing valuablecontent, your Medium profile might start appearing in SERP whenever someonesearches your brand keywords.

Furthermore, if youshare valuable blogs on Medium, your readers might also check your bio andvisit your website to know more about your business.

So this way, along withquality backlink, you can generate constant traffic for your website byengagingly leveraging the platform.

Moreover, you can alsoread valuable articles and informative blogs of other writers on this platform.On Medium, you will find insanely useful content and information to improveyour knowledge and understanding about a particular niche.

Although you have to paya subscription cost to get unlimited reading access of the platform, it isworth every penny if you are an avid reader or working as a full-time writerwho requires inspiration and references.

LinkedIn (DA: 97)

LinkedIn is one of therenowned social media platforms of the internet. When it comes to professionalsocial media network, LinkedIn provides a leading channel for individuals andbusinesses to get exposure and recognition in their industries.

Whenever you search abrand keyword on Google or any leading search engine, you would observe aLinkedIn profile getting ranked for the branded keywords.

This means that searchengines consider a LinkedIn profile page as a credible resource of brand’sonline existence and hence, it is shown to the users in SERP.

So, businesses andindividuals must create LinkedIn profiles and mention their website URL toshowcase their work, portfolio, skill and their current and previousassociations with other organizations.

350+ Profile Creation Websites to Get High DA Backlinks in 2021 4

Companies can createLinkedIn pages where they can also mention other details of the business liketheir team strength, website URL, address, email, job opening, alumni, etc.

Since it is one of theleading social media platforms out there, you can create engagement by sharingvaluable content on your LinkedIn profile for brand awareness and bring trafficto your website or landing pages.

This way, along withsearch engine visibility, your profile on this professional social medianetwork can also bring relevant people to your landing pages.

500px (DA: 86)

500px is a renownedmarketplace for photographers and designers to sell their work and get globalrecognition for their skills.

Anyone can upload theirpictures and showcase their work on this platform to make it available foranyone to purchase.

Based on the requireddimension and size by the buyers, they have to pay a particular amount to youthrough 500px. Then as an artist, you would be given amount after 500px deductits commission.

350+ Profile Creation Websites to Get High DA Backlinks in 2021 5

Once you create yourprofile on this platform, you can upload your pictures and choose a dynamiclayout to showcase your gallery creatively to potential buyers.

You also get a sectionwhere you can upload your profile picture and write a short description whereyou can also mention your website to let users redirect themselves to yourlanding pages to know more about your business.

For the artist, 500px’sprofile can be a lucrative and game-changing ingredient for increasing onlinereputation and business’ growth.

In some cases, the 500px profile can also be seen in search engine result pages. So, for a relevant keyword, your 500px profile might get indexed and ranked by Google to show your portfolio to the world.

FacebookFan Pages (DA: 95)

Facebook is the firstchoice for any brand or individual who wants to be present on social mediaplatforms.

Facebook being the mostengaged and a renowned social media platform right now, also provide excellentmarketing and advertising platforms to brands and business to target moreprospects and acquire more customers.

For commercial purposes,Facebook fan pages can be an insanely useful tool to not only create brandawareness but generate more leads and business enquiries.

Most importantly, the Facebook pages are also shown prominently in the search engine result page, inside knowledge graphs of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

350+ Profile Creation Websites to Get High DA Backlinks in 2021 6

This shows that search engines also consider social media profiles like Facebook as a credible resource where users can visit and learn more about a brand.

To create your Facebookpage, you need a personal Facebook profile. Then, you can create your Facebook page to claim your unique identity on the mostprominent social media channel of the world.

Along with your businessdetails like name, address, working hours, reviews, you can also mention yourrelevant website URL where you can specify sales page, contact page, the homepage, or other social media platforms.

Blogger (DA: 99)

Blogger gives usersaccessibility to a versatile publishing platform where they can create theirpersonal blog and share their views with the world for free.

Yes, it is the mostcost-effective and affordable way to create a blog on such platforms and startblogging since you don’t have to invest in a domain and hosting.

You just need the Googleprofile to create an account on Blogger. Then, you can create your bloggerprofile and cite your website link there.

350+ Profile Creation Websites to Get High DA Backlinks in 2021 7

When you are in yourBlogger’s account, you can edit your author bio to tell the readers about yourbusiness and share other relevant information.

Along with the website URL, you can also mention other details like gender, address, occupation, designation, favorite books and movies, interests, hobbies, and tons of additional information.

This way, you can utilize Blogger.com as a profile creation platform to create a dynamic online presence and create a backlink for your website.

Blogger also allows youto have complete control over what do you want to show to your readers.

You can edit questions and add custom and personalized fields in your blogger profile if you have something unique information which is not listed on Blogger’s profile section.

Here is the complete list of all Profile Creation Websites.

https://www.youtube.com/ 99
https://plus.google.com 99
https://addons.mozilla.org 98
https://vimeo.com/ 97
https://linkedin.com 97
https://amazon.com 96
http://dailymotion.com 96
https://www.forbes.com/#36df12db2254 95
https://www.scribd.com/ 95
http://www.slideshare.net/ 95
https://myspace.com 95
https://facebook.com 95
https://archive.org/ 94
https://bitly.com/ 94
https://www.goodreads.com/ 94
https://www.aol.com/ 94
https://www.pinterest.com/ 94
https://disqus.com 94
https://www.ted.com 94
http://ted.com 94
https://issuu.com 94
https://goodreads.com 94
https://www.4shared.com/ 93
https://www.academia.edu/ 93
https://account.box.com/login 93
https://www.verywellfit.com/calorie-counts-and-nutrition-facts-4157035 93
http://en.gravatar.com/ 93
https://www.instructables.com/ 93
https://rottentomatoes.com/ 93
https://www.twitch.tv/ 93
https://twitter.com/ 93
http://www.instructables.com/ 93
https://en.gravatar.com/ 93
https://www.buzzfeed.com/ 93
http://theverge.com/ 93
https://soundcloud.com 93
https://about.me 93
http://www.quora.com 93
independent.academia.edu 93
http://themeforest.net 93
https://ibm.com 93
http://ask.fm/ 92
http://community.sony.com/ 92
https://www.coursera.org/ 92
https://dribbble.com/ 92
https://imgur.com/ 92
https://www.fool.com/secure/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=https%3a%2f%2fmy.fool.com%2f 92
https://www.scoop.it/ 92
https://www.symantec.com/ 92
https://www.wattpad.com/ 92
http://www.crunchyroll.com/ 92
http://www.livejournal.com 92
https://storify.com 92
https://etsy.com 92
https://behance.net 92
http://bloglovin.com/ 91
http://discogs.com/ 91
http://flickr.com/ 91
http://flipboard.com/ 91
https://groups.drupal.org/ 91
http://hubpages.com/ 91
http://last.fm/ 91
http://prestashop.com/forums 91
http://rediff.com/ 91
http://reverbnation.com/ 91
http://sbnation.com/ 91
http://technologyreview.com/ 91
http://gameinformer.com/ 91
http://www.last.fm 91
http://us.blastingnews.com 91
https://flickr.com 91
http://answers.com 91
https://crunchbase.com 91
http://sbnation.com 91
https://slashdot.org 91
http://strikingly.com/ 90
http://trello.com/ 90
http://www.panoramio.com 90
http://panoramio.com 90
http://fiverr.com 90
http://stumbleupon.com 90
http://houzz.com 90
https://reddit.com 90
http://audioboom.com/ 89
http://smashwords.com/ 89
http://us.viadeo.com/ 89
http://zimbio.com/ 89
https://audioboom.com/ 89
https://moz.com 89
https://diigo.com 89
http://banggood.com/ 88
http://community.thomsonreuters.com/ 88
http://dpreview.com/ 88
http://plurk.com/ 88
http://sheknows.com/ 88
http://simplesite.com/ 88
http://tinypic.com/ 88
https://www.zillow.com/ 88
http://frontiersin.org/ 88
http://www.plurk.com 88
https://www.boredpanda.com 88
http://afternic.com/ 87
http://500px.com/ 86
http://blogtalkradio.com/ 86
http://slack.com/ 86
https://delicious.com/ 86
http://www.flavors.me 86
https://500px.com 86
https://blogger.com 86
community.tasteofhome.com 85
http://instapaper.com/ 85
http://pearltrees.com/ 85
http://redbubble.com/ 85
http://www.purevolume.com/ 85
https://www.openstreetmap.org 85
https://angel.co 85
https://id.arduino.cc 85
http://www.arduino.cc 85
http://www.forum.arduino.cc 85
https://www.spreaker.com 85
http://ranker.com 85
http://armorgames.com/ 84
http://codecademy.com/ 84
http://podbean.com/ 84
reason.com/users/register 84
http://armorgames.com/ 84
http://qualtrics.com/ 84
http://coub.com/ 83
http://createspace.com/ 83
http://www.deviantart.com 83
http://podomatic.com 83
http://liveleak.com 83
http://speakingtree.in/ 82
http://threadless.com/ 82
http://www.fanpop.com 82
http://klout.com 82
http://dailykos.com/ 81
http://authorstream.com/ 80
http://carbonmade.com/ 80
http://tumblr.com/ 80
http://www.colourlovers.com/ 80
http://yourstory.com/ 80
http://8tracks.com 80
http://www.carbonmade.com 80
http://tumblr.com 80
http://colourlovers.com 80
http://buzznet.com 80
http://authorstream.com 80
http://dailystrength.org/ 79
http://librarything.com/ 79
http://public.fotki.com/ 79
http://screencast.com/ 79
http://n4g.com/ 79
http://www.kiva.org/ 79
http://www.premium.wpmudev.org 79
http://www.magcloud.com 79
http://codecanyon.net/ 79
https://dailystrength.org 79
http://codeproject.com/ 78
http://ello.co/ 78
http://psu.com/ 78
http://socialmediatoday.com/ 78
http://thinglink.com/ 78
http://tictail.com/ 78
http://visual.ly 78
https://ello.co 78
http://www.weheartit.com 77
http://blogcatalog.com 77
https://fancy.com 77
http://mobypicture.com/ 76
http://musicbrainz.org/ 76
http://picturetrail.com/ 76
http://www.docstoc.com 76
http://www.tripit.com 76
http://www.mobypicture.com 76
http://lookbook.nu 76
http://articlesbase.com/ 75
http://wanelo.com/ 75
https://www.zotero.org 75
http://www.fodors.com 75
http://calendly.com/ 74
http://peacockroom.wayne.edu/ 74
http://tripadvisor.in/ 74
http://www.rhizome.org 74
http://aeriagames.com/ 73
https://stocktwits.com 73
http://foodspotting.com/ 72
http://intensedebate.com/ 72
https://edublogs.org 72
http://infobarrel.com/ 71
http://www.newsvine.com 71
http://audiojungle.net/ 71
http://apsense.com/ 70
http://flattr.com/ 70
http://tomtop.com/ 70
http://orcid.org 70
http://www.orcid.org/register 70
http://www.flattr.com 70
https://webflow.com 70
https://plaxo.com 70
http://activerain.com/ 69
http://bookcrossing.com/ 69
http://www.bookcrossing.com 69
http://graphicriver.net/ 69
https://branded.me 69
http://easel.ly/ 68
http://symbaloo.com/ 68
https://join.app.net 68
https://alpha.app.net 68
http://deviantart.com/ 67
http://rhrealitycheck.org/ 67
http://thetoptens.com/ 67
http://www.dead.net/ 67
http://www.everytrail.com 67
http://archilovers.com/ 66
http://mocpages.com/ 66
http://muckrack.com/ 66
http://answerbag.com/ 65
http://brandyourself.com/ 65
http://grabcad.com/ 65
https://www.razoo.com 65
http://ipernity.com 65
http://anobii.com 65
http://buzzsprout.com/ 64
http://itsmyurls.com/ 64
http://itsmyurls.com 64
http://challenge.theyesmen.org/ 63
http://publiclab.org/ 63
http://ckeditor.com 63
https://growthhackers.com 63
http://accountingweb.com/ 62
http://asknature.org/ 62
http://burdastyle.com/ 62
http://imcreator.com/ 62
http://realitysandwich.com/ 62
https://www.crowdspring.com 62
http://askmehelpdesk.com/ 61
http://profiles.delphiforums.com/ 61
http://recipezaar.com/ 61
http://travbuddy.com/ 61
http://wayn.com 61
http://create.wikifoundry.com/ 60
http://dropshots.com/ 60
http://feedspot.com/ 60
http://filmsforaction.org/ 60
http://slideboom.com/ 60
http://smartdatacollective.com/ 60
http://livejournal.com 60
http://aboutus.org/ 59
http://bark.com/ 59
http://chirb.it/ 59
http://pregame.com/ 59
http://scout.org/ 59
http://www.culinate.com/ 59
http://yourlisten.com 59
http://www.knowem.com 59
http://www.myvidster.com 59
http://knowem.com 59
http://authorsden.com/ 58
http://bigsoccer.com/ 58
http://edocr.com/ 58
http://lightstalking.com/ 58
http://slideserve.com/ 58
http://www.folkd.com/ 58
http://www.lightstalking.com 58
http://30boxes.com/ 57
http://artwanted.com/ 57
http://communitywalk.com/ 57
http://hr.com/ 57
http://spoke.com/ 57
http://30boxes.com 57
http://naymz.com/ 56
http://photopeach.com/ 56
http://powershow.com/ 56
http://recruitingblogs.com/ 56
http://vi.sualize.us/ 56
http://writerscafe.org/ 56
http://bizsugar.com 56
http://naymz.com 56
http://photopeach.com 56
http://bluemaumau.org/ 55
http://elocal.com/ 55
http://letsgo.com/ 55
http://spnbabble.sitepronews.com/ 55
http://steepster.com 55
http://www.ideastap.com 55
http://23hq.com/ 54
http://dropmark.com/ 54
http://redgage.com/ 54
http://theloop.com.au/ 54
http://www.yatedo.com 54
https://listography.com 54
http://myfolio.com 54
http://photodune.net/ 54
http://listography.com 54
http://theloop.com.au 54
http://yatedo.com 54
http://chordie.com/ 53
http://fashiolista.com/ 53
http://ttlink.com/ 53
http://www.chordie.com 53
visajourney.com/forums/ 52
http://lambgoat.com/ 52
https://thenewboston.com/ 52
http://bundlr.com 52
http://www.bagtheweb.com 52
http://www.creattica.com 52
http://www.sunzu.com 52
http://crochetme.com/ 51
http://icyte.com/ 51
http://schoolofeverything.com/ 51
http://site123.com/ 51
http://sitebuilder.com/ 51
http://twitxr.com/ 51
http://yakaz.com/ 51
http://www.gearinstitute.com/ 51
https://app.hiive.co.uk 51
http://www.vbprofiles.com 51
http://arrahmah.com/ 50
http://imgfave.com/ 50
http://skyrock.com/ 50
http://storeboard.com/ 50
http://www.koinup.com/ 50
http://imgfave.com 50
http://skyrock.com 50
http://alternion.com/ 49
http://chirbit.com/ 49
http://clickindia.com/ 49
http://www.lawlink.com/ 49
http://typepad.com/ 49
http://appearoo.com/ 48
http://www.webestools.com/ 48
http://www.efactor.com 48
https://www.artician.com 48
http://www.artbreak.com 48
http://citysquares.com/ 47
http://skillpages.com/ 47
http://www.skillpages.com 47
https://allihoopa.com 47
http://blurpalicious.com/ 46
http://huntingnet.com/forum/classifieds-54/ 46
http://iconosites.com/ 46
http://muamat.com/ 46
http://recipester.org/ 46
http://sqworl.com/ 46
http://tuugo.us/ 46
http://wadja.com/ 46
http://www.pentaxuser.com/ 46
http://clipix.com/ 45
http://siftery.com/ 45


Remember that along withgiving quality backlinks, profiles must also provide you with a way to buildsocial recognition and generate traffic to your website.

So, always use thoseplatforms which have high engagement on their websites and so you can attractmore users to your website from there.

Do let us know what youthink about the profile creation sites list discussed in this article. 

If you have a unique experience with high PR profile creation sites, share it in the comments to let others know!

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