A lookalike of Donald Trump spotted selling kulfi in Pakistan

A lookalike of Donald Trump spotted selling kulfi in Pakistan


A video has gone viral on social media wherein a lookalike of former US president Donald Trump is seen selling kulfi (popsicles) in Pakistan. Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy was the first to share the video on his social media handles. Shehzad Roy shared it on his social media handles with a caption: “Wah. Qulfi walay bhai, Kya baat ha”.

In the video, a middle-aged man with blond hair, dressed in a kurta-pyjama is seen singing soulfully behind his cart. The man has a physique similar to that of the 45th president of the United States.

The kulfi seller’s uncanny resemblance with the former US President couldn’t go unnoticed. Twitter and Instagram were soon flooded with memes and jokes. The majority of Netizens were ecstatic, believing they had discovered Trump’s lookalike with exceptional musical skills, that too in Pakistan.

“Donald Trump is in Pakistan,” said netizens in unison after the video went viral.

A few Twitter users quipped that after losing his power to Joe Biden, former US President has found a new job in Pakistan.

Some social media users pointed out the kulfi seller actually hails from Sahiwal in Punjab area of Pakistan and he is commonly referred to as ‘Chacha Bagga’. 

This is, however, not the first time Donald Trump’s lookalikes’ pictures have been shared on the social media space. In fact, in September 2019, Rajasthan Mahila Congress Secretary Reena Mimrot had shared an old obscene image of Donald Trump’s lookalike groping a woman, dated October 26, 2016, claiming that he is the US President.

Though it was apparent from a cursory look, that the man in the video was a doppelganger and not the President of the United States, the Congress leader, in keeping with her party’s tradition, exploited it to propagate fake news and tarnish the image of then-US President Donald Trump.


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