Activist seeks deportation of Chetan Kumar for hate speech on Brahmins

Activist seeks deportation of Chetan Kumar for hate speech on Brahmins


A day after Bengaluru Police booked controversial Kannada actor Chetan Kumar, who also goes by the name “Chetan Ahimsa”, for making hate speech against Brahmins, a Hindu activist has written a letter to the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer seeking cancellation of the residential permit given to the actor.

According to the reports, Chetan Kumar had stoked a controversy recently by making derogatory comments against the Brahmin community. The actor was accused of making disparaging comments about Brahmins in a video that had gone viral on the internet.

A complaint has been filed against the actor Chetan at the Basavangudi police station on the charges of hurting the Hindu sentiments and creating differences among religions and castes. A case was also registered against Chetan Ahimsa under IPC sections 153B (imputations and assertions prejudicial to national integration) and 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage reli­gious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or reli­gious beliefs).

Following the complaint against Chetan Kumar ‘Ahimsa’, Hindu activist Girish Bharadwaj has written a letter Foreigners Regional Registration Officer in Bengaluru seeking to cancel the temporary residency permit given to him. In his complaint, the activist sought action, Chetan Kumar, for making outbursts against a particular community, enraging the sentiments with a purpose to create rift & communal disharmony.

Chetan Kumar, who has acted in a few Kannada movies, is a citizen of the USA and residing in Bengaluru on a temporary resident permit.

In his complaint, activist Girish Bharadwaj has pointed out the recent vicious outpourings, derogatory and disparaging remarks, outbursts against the Brahmin community made by Chetan Kumar and accused him of raking up communal caste sentiments and caste conflagrations resulting in social disharmony in a country with a pluralistic ethos as India.

Mentioning the anti-Brahmin tweets of the actor, Bharadwaj said the actor has a dubious record of making unsubstantiated remarks, baseless allegations, diatribes against specific individuals and organisations that do not align with his political standing.

“His ingratiating, contempt arousing tweets and videos targeting a specific community is highly deplorable and should be abhorred by all in unequivocal terms. His coronary bursting rants are a litany of falsehoods & egregious attack on the most peaceful, progressive community in India,” the complaint said.

The complaint also mentioned that the actor has a history of peddling false information to please certain political parties and added that his recent hate speech could also be manifestations of his frustrations of lack of opportunities in the Kannada Film Industry where has been an abject failure.

“He is spreading his insidious logic to further his propaganda,” said the letter, requesting the FRRO to cancel his residential permit. The activist also urged the authorities to deport him immediately to his country for violating the provisions of the Indian Laws.


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