Amit Sobti aces content creation realm with his innovative ideas

Amit Sobti aces content creation realm with his innovative ideas


Digital marketing and social media influencers are turning around the fortunes of businesses for good of late.

Modern-age businesses are thriving with innovative digital marketing methods being introduced. Traditional methods or offline marketing in simple words do not have the same impact as these online methods which pack a punch giving proven results. This growing demand for online marketing experts has given rise to many individuals who have excelled in this game. One name who has come to the forefront and done exceptional work in this area is Amit Sobti.

A great face, fabulous physique & an even greater charm are generally the prerequisites of a great model. Well, in that case, Amit passes with full grades because he is all of this & much more. We are talking about Mr Amit Sobti, the new fresh face of the modelling world and a digital content creator and sensation. Hailing from Chandigarh, he is a real ‘Gabru’ & that is pretty visible on his face. Amit was always inclined towards modelling right from childhood. He kept this dream intact. Amit was an outstanding student too, and despite getting many jobs offers, he always had an eye for modelling & finally went for it.

“Nothing is impossible for the ones who dream big” stands true for Amit. Amit Sobti proved his excellence in the world of social media by becoming the ace content creator he is today. “I always felt passionate about travelling, but did not know that creating travel content would also someday give me an opportunity to engage with people on social media,” says Amit, who has astounded audiences with his creative and engaging content on travel as well as funny videos, to tickle the funny bones of people.

Amit Sobti can’t emphasize enough the importance of leveraging the power of social media to one’s advantage. He is of the opinion that the digital wave has taken over almost all industries and businesses. More and more brands and entrepreneurs today are relying on social media platforms, especially after the pandemic, to sustain or grow themselves. The world has also seen a rise in the number of content creators and influencers who helps brands and businesses gain more presence and reach through their content and influencer marketing. Amit Sobti, too, has optimized social media, not just to showcase his talent as a model but also to display his creative skills and innovative abilities to creating and curating exceptional content by also featuring in Instagram videos.

Amit Sobti highlights that content creation is the new normal and more brands, entrepreneurs, artists and businesses desire to be a part of this game today, for they know the level of success and the kind of momentum they can gain for themselves through social media.


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