Anand Srivastava is raising concern over non-performing digital marketing

Anand Srivastava is raising concern over non-performing digital marketing


“The great danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” –Michelangelo

Brands are shelling copious amounts of money in exchange for digital marketing services but are let down by the unsatisfactory performance. Few marketers are thinking about this persistent problem of lousy performance and the reason behind the anomaly. Anand Srivastava, a proficient digital marketer and a stringent follower of ethical digital marketing, is trying to raise concern and offer solutions to the problem. His experience in digital marketing implementation goes back to 2016, when he started with a few clients. Now, he operates his private venture, Anand Srivastava LLC, which aims to provide digital marketing services and lead generation to improve performance.

Anand Srivastava is a techie by heart and by profession as well. While he is renowned for digital marketing practices and using honest means to channel growth for his clients, he also has bankable experience in finances and business management. He was an academically sound student from the start and had a successful career as a derivative analyst who acquainted him with finance and trade nuances. During his search for high performing marketing tactics, he became aware of digital marketing and the current demand for competent professionals in the field.

Anand Srivastava elaborates on the current situation of digital marketing. He says, “I have encountered many clients that have been duped of huge sums of capital in exchange for better sales, better customer retention. The situation emerges from the fact that merely wasting money on sponsored posts doesn’t guarantee a long term relationship with the customer. Plus, it actively drains the resources and bleeds the business dry. I believe in performance marketing, which shows results, is long-lasting, and zones in on the same consumer base for the product or service. I am not questioning the efficiency or skill-set of every digital marketer but their approach to move forward with a client.”

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Anand Srivastava doesn’t hold back and likes to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years. He is an active contributor to globally recognised digital marketing and technology websites. He has an active reader base that relies on information from capable professionals with hands-on experience in the industry. He is an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs and creators that are impressed by his wisdom.


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