Andhra ASP M Sattibabu ideologies World Trade Centre terrorists

Andhra ASP M Sattibabu ideologies World Trade Centre terrorists


In an undated video that has gone viral on social media, the ASP of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh M Sattibabu can be heard preaching that one must be ready to die for ideology just like the terrorists who crashed a plane into the World Trade Centre in one of the most ghastly terrorist attacks witnessed by the US. 

Shared by Legal Rights Protection Forum’s Twitter handle, M Sattibabu speaking at Ambedkar India Mission’s meeting said, “Terrorist who crashed the plane into WTC didn’t do so for money, but because he was committed to die for the ideology he believed in. Need to have a similar commitment to our ideology. It’ll give us the courage to lay down our lives for our ideology.”

“The aim of this meeting is to nurture people who are willing to lay down their lives for the cause of Ambedkar’s India Mission,” M Sattibabu added. 

Complaint filed against Andhra Pradesh Addl DGP and founder of Ambedkar’s India Mission

Legal Rights Observatory (LRO), the legal activism non-profit group, has filed a legal complaint against Andhra Pradesh Addl DGP and founder of Ambedkar’s India Mission for indulging in hate speech in the garb of his organization’s mission.

The complaint detailed several activities of the IPS officer who is the Additional Director General of Police, (Crime Investigation Department) in the Andhra Pradesh Government.

As per the complaint, Kumar’s organization “Ambedkar’s India Mission” is known for hate speeches against Hindus and peddling divisive communal/caste-based politics. 

In an instance dated 26th November 2020 (India’s Constitution Day), Kumar went live from the official Facebook page of his organization and abused the Hindu religion and sacred scriptures like Vedas and Puranas. The video, however, is no longer on Facebook.

In another viral video, Kumar can be seen praising the Britishers for giving them a God to pray when they were allegedly disallowed by the Hindu society, thereby, admitting that he is a Christian.

Demanding SC status for the SC’s who converted to Christianity, Kumar in an interview to The Times of India had confessed that he will represent only the SC Mala community and will oppose the inclusion of any other caste in the SC category list.

The complaint also stated that the officer has abused his position by running a private organization, thereby, violating Section 3 of The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1966.


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