Bigg Boss OTT, Day 2 written updates: Pratik Sehajpal locks horns with Zeeshan Khan! | Television News

Bigg Boss OTT, Day 2 written updates: Pratik Sehajpal locks horns with Zeeshan Khan! | Television News


New Delhi: Bigg Boss OTT has just begun, but the fights in the house seem to be never-ending. Today’s episode of full of challenges and fights and drama. While Pratik Sehajpal and Divya Agarwal have been at loggerheads since the beginning, the duo continued their fights over kitchen duties. Even Shamita Shetty lost her calm when Pratik said that the food is getting wasted which was an indirect comment on Shamita and Divya who are managing the kitchen duty for now.

Things escalated to the next level when Pratik brought Divya’s boyfriend in between the conversation and hurled abuses at him. 

In the next shot, Bigg Boss organised a new task for all the boys of the house where they had to carry a doll of their connection on their back and whosoever wins the task, his connection will get back all the luggage which was still with Bigg Boss. While it was Raqesh Bapat, who lost the task in the first place, it was Nishant Bhatt who won the task and because of him his connection Moose Jattana got back all her belongings. 

Then Bigg Boss all the other girls one chance to pick only 25 items from their luggage. This privilege was not given to Divya Agarwal as she had not participated in the task as she had no connection and so was the ‘Sanchalak’ of the task. Then Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to vote for Divya, where she should get all her belongings or only 25 items for her efforts in the task. While the whole house was ready to give her all the items it was Nishant who made an objection as there was no ‘aapsi sehmati’ everyone listened to him and agreed to give her 25 items from her luggage.

In one of the parts, it was Zeeshan Khan who was seen having a fight with Pratik.


Later in the day, it was Neha Bhasin who is a close friend of Pratik was seen explaining her to control over anger as it is going to be harmful on a long wrong. She even told him that he has a problem that he couldn’t take criticism and his way of taking a stand over something was by offending others which is not a nice thing.


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