Bizarre Zoom Fails amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Bizarre Zoom Fails amid Covid-19 Pandemic


As coronavirus pandemic gripped the world early last year, Zoom and other similar video chat services became the only way for all meetings and interactions. People across age groups turned to virtual communication to continue their work amid the COVID pandemic. However, they soon learned that lack of attention may lead to some bizarre moments. This happened mainly because people were not familiar with this mode of communication. Most people had assumed that the camera was off or their call was muted and ended up creating a mockery of themselves. There have been several instances where people have been caught in awkward situations which turned out to be funny for netizens.

Let’s look at some behind-the-scenes fun and some hilarious Zoom fails –

1. Shirtless on camera: Beware of the camera! A businessman accidentally appeared naked during a Zoom call with Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro. The incident took place when COVID-induced lockdown had just come into being. The man had gone to take a shower in the middle of the video call and had forgotten to turn off his camera. A screengrab from the meeting was circulated on social media, which shows the man without a shirt.

2. Wife attempts to kiss: A video of a woman attempting to kiss her husband while he was on a Zoom video call also surfaced online. The video shows a man talking when his wife enters the room and bends to kiss him. The man dodges her and was heard saying, “What nonsense is this, Camera is on.” Meanwhile, the wife passed a smile to her angry husband.

3. Shweta spews lewd secrets: It will not be wrong if we say that this Zoom fail was one of the biggest highlights of 2020. It became a meme inspiration for many. In the video clip of a Zoom class, a girl named Shweta unknowingly talks about the secrets of a sex-addict friend. The story came to public ears as Shweta, instead of muting the microphone, ended up muting the speaker.

4. Driving during virtual meeting: Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner during a virtual meeting with officials tried his best to conceal that he was driving a vehicle but failed. The meeting was on introducing laws on dangerous and distracting driving whose consequences can be fatal. He tried filters to make it appear that he was at home but the seat belt gave away his secret. The senator received severe criticism for it.

5. Where’s the unmute button?: During a virtual press meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a senior journalist Robert Peston forgot to unmute his call before asking a question. The Prime minister gave him the signal to unmute his call. But by the time Peston got ready, the prime minister had moved on to the next question.

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