BOOK CLUB! — Sprouted Kitchen

BOOK CLUB! — Sprouted Kitchen


I’ve read a handful of good books lately but have decided I am too…social? relational? to finish and just be done with it. We must discuss. I solicited you, my fine internet friends, and a handful of my real life friends, to read The Dutch House with me, so we had a good excuse to drink wine and eat snacks and chat about the book. I asked for book suggestions and now have a full list of great ones to get through this year. Our next one is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine if you want to join? I’m also squeezing in American Dirt before that so sounds like it’s time to get reading.

I was going to do all nibbles/apps, but I figured it streamlined things for me to do sheet-pan nachos and salad. Sometimes I think apps are more work? People could eat or not. It was by no means a “sit down dinner”, but more of an eat-as-you-wish situation, with a few little desserts.

I gave this book 3 stars out of 5. This bothered some insta people, and I know it was a super well reviewed book, but I was so annoyed and mad at both Andrea and then the mother that I was just frustrated. I know real life and books don’t always have happy resolution, and some may even argue this one did, but I am fiercely loyal to my people and I was so mad at the mom I couldn’t love the book. A saint? Really? Come on. Personal opinion. I do think it was wonderfully written and I really liked reading it from the brothers perspective, there just seemed to be a lot…missing?

That said. I know there is no way for everyone to love every book, and since I told you all to read it as well, I included the questions and what I made for food. If you have any great book club ideas, leave them in the comments. I would love to make this more of a thing, but I want to know how to do it better!


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