BWF Members To Vote On ‘Five-game’ During AGM

BWF Members To Vote On ‘Five-game’ During AGM


Replacing the current three-game format with a best-of-five scoring system will once again be put to vote by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) during its AGM on Saturday. (More Badminton News)

The game’s governing body, under president Poul Erik Hoyer Larsen, had floated the idea in 2014 for the first time but it didn’t receive the support.

The 11×5 system, which was criticised by players and coaches alike, couldn’t gather enough votes in last year’s AGM.

This time, a joint proposal to “amend the Laws of Badminton relating to the Scoring System” came from Badminton Indonesia and Badminton Maldives, and was seconded by Badminton Asia, and associations from Korea and Chinese Taipei.

“One of the key topics that will be voted on by the Membership is the proposal … to amend the Laws of Badminton relating to the Scoring System,” BWF said on Tuesday.

“BWF Council decided to express its support for this proposal as it aligns with the objectives of the BWF Strategic Plan 2020-2024….”

According to the BWF strategic plan, it wants to “include new and innovative elements of the game to ensure this continues to evolve over time and excite, engage and enhance global fan base through inspirational performances at world-class events.”

During the meeting, “related changes regarding change of ends and continuous play” will also be motioned.

However, BWF made it clear that it “not to be introduced until after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

India chief national coach Pullela Gopichand and former coach and current director at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy (PPBA) Vimal Kumar have been in favour of the current 21×3 system which requires a player to win a minimum of 42 points.

The BWF council, however, had articulated the proposal for a new scoring system in March 2014 as “it was felt that matches were getting longer, while the shuttle was in play for much shorter periods than earlier.”

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