Christian son refuses to cremate Hindu mother, granddaughter steps in

Christian son refuses to cremate Hindu mother, granddaughter steps in


In a shocking incident in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, a man refused to conduct the last rites of her mother as they are from different religions. While the mother was Hindu, her son had converted to Christianity, and hence he refused to cremate his mother as per Hindu customs and insisted that she should be buried as per the Christian traditions.

According to the reports, an elderly woman from Gwalior identified as Saroj Devi recently lost her life. Dharam Pratap Singh, the son of Saroj Devi, who had converted to Christianity and had changed his name to David, arrived at her residence on June 2 and demanded that his mother, a practising Hindu, be buried to Christian customs.

After realising the sinister designs of David alias Dharam Pratap Singh, Saroj Devi’s granddaughter (daughter’s daughter) Shweta Suman travelled 1100 km from Jharkhand and took custody of the mortal remains of her grandmother.

Shweta Suman opposed her uncle’s demands and asserted that Saroj Dev should be cremated since her grandmother remained a Hindu until her last breath, refusing to become a Christian. As her maternal uncle refused to perform the last rites, Suman took the responsibility of performing the final rites of her grandmother.

Suman had filed a plea with the Collector in this regard and sought the help of the Hindu Jagran Manch. Later, she conducted the cremation according to Hindu customs on Friday at Gwalior’s Lakshmiganj Muktidham.

According to Suman, her uncle David was pressurizing her grandmother to convert to Christianity. She further said that her uncle David had not allowed his mother to communicate with any other family members.

Suman has also requested the Superintendent of Police to initiate an inquiry into her grandmother’s death and her uncle’s attempts to pressurize her to become a Christian. Upon receiving a complaint, SP Amit Sanghi said that they would be investigating the same.


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