Columbia drivers react to traffic backup on Garners Ferry Rd.

Columbia drivers react to traffic backup on Garners Ferry Rd.


Columbia Water said the construction on Garners Ferry Rd. will continue into next week. Part of the road has been blocked since Monday after a water main break.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Drivers are expressing frustration as construction continues on Garners Ferry Roads as crews make repairs related to a water main break.

On Friday, Columbia Water told News 19 that construction on Garners Ferry Road will continue into next week. The road construction has been underway since Monday after a contractor hit a water main. 

Robert Yanity is the Utilities Communications Manager for Columbia Water. He said the water main is fixed but they are working to repair the roads. 

“It takes a little bit longer than just fixing the pipe,” Yanity said. “It’s probably gonna last several more days, probably next week, unfortunately. But I want to make sure we do it right and get it completed as quick as possible.”

The delay has created different road patterns for the intersection of Garners Ferry Rd., Rosewood Dr., and Wildcat Rd, and many drivers are frustrated by the traffic issues. 

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“So, it’s three lines coming down and then everybody’s trying to cross over at one time,” said Jasmin Watkins of Columbia. “So, I think that either this opened up a second lane maybe to make it a little easier, but just speed up, speed up process.”

Watkins said the construction is an inconvenience because she makes deliveries for work. It takes me longer to get to where I need to go due to the traffic,” Watkins said. “I might have to go up to Leesburg Road and come back down, but I have to go a whole other route to get back here.”

Watkins is one of many other drivers who depend on Garners Ferry Rd. for work. 

Griffon Heater said he travels the road around 10 times a day for his job.

“I do GrubHub and I do real estate,” Heater said. “It’s been messing me up, like I’m late to do showings, I’m late to make orders and everything. It’s really messed up my schedule.”

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Laura Solano said with the new traffic patterns, there is no room for driver error. She said it’s very dangerous and a traffic hazard.

“I definitely have been having some dodgy situations,” Solano said. “Kind of like ‘Oh, am I gonna make it? Oh, I gotta book it quick,’ you know? So, it’s definitely dangerous to get to work because of that whole construction.”

Solano also said she feels for businesses that are being impacted by the construction. 

“I feel really bad for all the small businesses along the route that probably aren’t getting any business because it’s really inconvenient to go in and out of their parking lot,” Solano said.  

Yanity told News 19 Columbia Water will continue to provide construction updates on social media and their website.


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