Doctor couple shot dead in broad daylight in Bharatpur, caught on CCTV

Doctor couple shot dead in broad daylight in Bharatpur, caught on CCTV


A doctor couple was killed in broad daylight on the roads of Bharatpur in Rajasthan today, and the incident was caught on CCTV camera. Dr Sudeep Gupta and his wife Dr Seema Gupta were shot dead from point-blank range in their car by two unknown assailants.

In the video of the incident, it can be seen that the two assailants stopped their motorcycle in front of Dr Gupta’s car and approached him who was in the driver’s seat. Assuming that they want to talk to him, he rolls down the window. But one of the men, with face covered with a pink cloth, looks inside the car, perhaps to confirm the identity of their targets, and shoots the doctor at his head with a pistol. Immediately after that, he shots multiple times at Dr Seema Gupta. Both of them had collapsed after getting shot, the video shows.

The duo then returns to their bike and flee from the spot. The shooter also points the gun towards the people nearby to warn them against trying to catch them. The victims were immediately rushed to a hospital, but they could not be saved as they had sustained serious injuries due to getting shot from such close range.

The incident took place at Circular during the day on 28th May. The CCTV footage is labelled as Neem Darwaja, which means the incident took place at Neem Darwaja on Circular road.

Although the identity of the killers and the motive of the murder is not known yet, it is notable that Dr Seema Gupta had murdered a woman and her son suspecting that the woman had illicit relations with her husband. It was also reported that Sudip Gupta was also involved in the murder where the two victims were burnt to death in a house owned by the doctor in 2019.

The woman, 25-years-old Deepa Gurjar, was a receptionist at Dr Sudip Gupta’s clinic, but when Dr Seema Gupta had suspected that Deepa was having an affair with her husband, she had fired him from the job. But after that, Sudip Gupta had helped her to open a beauty parlour and a spa. He and had also let her and her son stay in his villa without his wife’s knowledge, as Deepa was divorced and no place to stay. The house was in his wife’s name.

When Deepa sent out invitations from inauguration for her new business, she had mentioned Sudip Gupta’s name on it, enraging Dr Seema Gupta. She had confessed that she became so angry that along with her mother-in-law had gone to the house where Deepa was living to confront them. After a brief scuffle, she had poured a highly inflammable liquid on Deepa and her six-year-old son Surya, and set them on fire.

Although initially Seema Gupta and her mother-in-law were arrested for the murder, later the police had suspected that Sudip Gupta was also involved in the murder.

It is not known whether today’s murder of Dr Sudip Gupta and his wife Dr Seema Gupta is related to the murder of Deepa and her son.


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