EcoSox Expands Gear Options to Help Diabetics Enjoy the Great Outdoors | News

EcoSox Expands Gear Options to Help Diabetics Enjoy the Great Outdoors | News


NEW YORK, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — For people with diabetes, finding the right outdoor gear can be nearly impossible. That’s why EcoSox created a non-binding hiking sock specifically designed for people with diabetes —so they no longer have to make compromises.

EcoSox diabetic hiking and outdoor socks are non-binding, meaning they don’t cut circulation to the foot, ensuring any wounds that develop can heal quickly. They’re crafted with arch support and a cushioned foot bed, keeping the wearer comfortable and free of foot fatigue while out on the trail. And the socks are made from a cellulose-derived yarn with silk-like softness that reduces rubbing and blistering, and is six times more absorbent than cotton, which will keep feet dry and free of irritation.

All of these traits are critical for people with diabetes, as a loss of sensation in their lower extremities makes it easier for wounds to develop and become infected over time, and poor blood flow slows the healing process. Because of this, many people with diabetes have had to give up some of their favorite outdoor activities —and EcoSox is excited to help these people enjoy the great outdoors once again. Shop the full line of EcoSox diabetic non-binding hiking socks online at .

To raise awareness about its gear designed with diabetics in mind, EcoSox has partnered with Mediaplanet to produce its cross-platform campaign “Living With Diabetes.” The print component of the campaign was distributed in today’s edition of USA TODAY in select markets, and the online component can be found at

In an article written for the campaign, EcoSox vice president Leslie Cook conveys just what the company’s commitment to creating outstanding outdoor gear for people with diabetes really means: “As consumers, people with diabetes make choices based on what offers the greatest foot health solution,” Cook writes. “In the past, they likely found it necessary to compromise when it came to socks and outdoor gear. Today, that compromise is no longer necessary.”

You can read the full article, “The Sock That’s Helping Diabetics Enjoy the Outdoors,” here.

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EcoSox is committed to providing quality socks. Whether you’re looking for socks to wear for work, outdoor activity, sports, or your diabetic condition, EcoSox delivers quality socks made with yarns sourced from renewable bamboo, merino wool, Tencel lyocell, and eco-friendly upcycled yarns from waste products. In 2019, EcoSox partnered with One Tree Planted and started to sell products that would result in a tree being planted to help with re-forestry efforts. For more information, visit

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