Egg&Catch’ Snags Tumbling Eggs for Cute Wolves

Egg&Catch’ Snags Tumbling Eggs for Cute Wolves


You’re an adorable wolf who’s trying to grab some eggs before they tumble down and hit the ground in Volk-san: Egg&Catch. Don’t drop any!

I’m not sure who’s supposed to be taking care of these chickens. Most of the time, you’d have them living in a coop somewhere. They’d all have their little chill-out spots lined up in a row. They’d lay eggs in them that wouldn’t immediately tumble down a rickety wooden slide to smash onto the ground. It seems like pretty basic stuff, but whoever set our chickens up here didn’t have much concern for their eggs or their well-being, so now you need to step in and rescue those eggs before they splatter.

Volk-san: Egg&Catch

Reminiscent of many Game & Watch titles, but a whole lot more vibrant and cute, this game has you flicking your wolf child to different positions in the area so that you can catch the eggs as they bounce and fall. It’s pretty straightforward, except you quickly have to start gauging how fast the eggs are moving and how their trajectory is affecting their. If you can get that timing down, you’ll be ready to snag the egg before it smashes. If you don’t, you’re going to be surrounded by a big mess in a hurry. You can only drop so many eggs, too.

Volk-san: Egg&Catch is playful and short (ten minutes or so if you’re a capable egg-catcher), making for an enchanting diversion for a little while. Someone really needs to build a better home for these poor birds, though.

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