Washington Post cancels Iron Dome for saving Israeli lives

Washington Post cancels Iron Dome for saving Israeli lives


The Washington Post has a strange take on the air defence technology deployed by Israel to save its people.

Washington Posts on Iron Dome

In an article titled “Israel’s Iron Dome defence system protects Israeli lives. It also perpetuates the Israel-Gaza conflict”, Washington Post argues that while the technology has managed to save the lives of civilians, it perpetuates the conflict. Somehow, the fact that Hamas and Palestinian terrorists have been attacking Israel indiscriminately, which is why the Iron Dome has been developed to begin with as self defence to protect its citizens.

In its opening para itself WaPo admits how Hamas, the Islamist terror group ruling Gaza, has fired over 1700 rockets in just few days towards Israel. It adds how the Iron Dome, developed by Israel and funded by the US (Barack Obama in 2014), has thwarted about 90% of those rockets which were aimed to kill its civilians.

However, expressing its disdain towards the technology a country develops to protect its people, WaPo blames it for ‘perpetuating’ conflict. WaPo itself admits how it was the Hamas terrorists that fired at Israel over the Sheikh Jarrah ruling. But, because it saved its citizens, a fact WaPo does not seem to consider legit enough for the technology to exist. In fact, it squarely puts the blame of Hamas terrorists wanting to kill Israeli citizens on the Iron Dome that protects it.


WaPo claims that since Israel has Irom Dome, it does not have enough incentive to end the conflict as it protects its citizens. This could mean that Hamas terrorists, who use its civilians and human shield to carry out attacks, also don’t have any incentive to end conflict either because they perhaps don’t value the lives of its citizens.

WaPo then shows how the Iron Dome has reduced Israeli civilian casualties and hence it gave an optimal solution to Israel to end the conflict.

Washington Post on Iron Dome

So, here is the thing. WaPo says that while Iron Dome has saved lives of Israelis from Gaza rockets, it is ‘enabled’ air campaign against Palestine citizens. WaPo makes it sound as if it is only Israel that is attacking while giving a clean chit to Hamas terrorists. Should Israel just let its citizens die? Why should any country not use technology to save lives of its citizens?

Further, WaPo claims that since Israel has Iron Dome, it has ‘false sense of security based on technological success’ which ‘isn’t guaranteed forever’.

Threat, much?


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