Saumya Varma, Congress leader Rajeev Gowda’s aide who is believed to have drafted the Congress toolkit. Here is what we know about her

Saumya Varma, Congress leader Rajeev Gowda’s aide who is believed to have drafted the Congress toolkit. Here is what we know about her


After threatening to file an FIR against BJP leaders for allegedly floating an AICC toolkit document on social media, links of the document creator to Congress have emerged.

Twitter user and consultant Ankur Singh has shared an image highlighting the source of the document which is said to be created by one Saumya Varma.

Who is Saumya Varma?

Saumya Varma’s LinkedIn profile reveals that she is a policy and political research consultant working with the office of Rajeev Gowda, the Chairman of All India Congress Committee since April 2017.

Screengrab of Saumya Varma’s LinkedIn profile
Screengrab of Saumya Varma’s Work Experience listed on LinkedIn

She has been working in Congress leader Rajeev Gowda’s office since August 2017.

Saumya Varma’s profile

She is a graduate of St Stephen’s College, Delhi and pursued her Masters in Modern History in Jawaharlal Nehru University.

As per a 2019 report published in ThePrint, Varma was also a part of the 19- member Congress committee who was responsible for drafting INC’s 2019 Lok Sabha manifesto. Prior to joining Congress for the manifesto, she was teaching undergraduate students at Ashoka University and also preparing for UPSC. She worked with Shashi Tharoor and Salman Khurshid “on issues of environment, internal security and institutional reforms.”

Varma along with the other members can be seen in the team picture with former Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The team of researchers; From left- 1. Ved Prakash 2. Vijay Chandra 3. Prem Bahukhandi 4. Ragghu Dodderi 5. Amol Deshmukh 6. Rajeev Gowda 7. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi 8. Leni Jadhav 9. Harshvardhan Shyam 10. Aamer Jaaved 11. Kanksshi Agarwal 12. Amit Sihag 13. Amitabh Dube Upper row from left: 14. Angad Kapoor 15. Ayush 16. Varat Pandey 17. Akash Satyawali 18. Gaurav Kapoor 19. Pooja Bhari 20. Nur Laiq 21. Saumya Varma 22. Tarana Rao 23. Manisha Shastri 24. Siddharth Jain 25. Varun Santhosh. Image Source: ThePrint

In March 2019, Varma had given an interview to The Times of India talking about the listening exercise undertaken by Gowda, who was the convenor of the Congress’s manifesto committee to draft the manifesto.

Saumya who goes by the name Varmacular on Twitter with “Parliament Buff” as her profile description has been vocal about registering her support to the farmer’s protest and the Hathras case.

Congress Toolkit

On Tuesday, a leaked document showed an elaborate point-to-point instruction on how to create a narrative on social media as well as international media platforms. The toolkit included usage of certain words like “Modi Variant” (for COVID second wave), “Kumbh superspreader” and also discrediting PM CARES Fund and other initiatives by PM Modi for curbing the pandemic.


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