The New Face Of Indian Anime Community

The New Face Of Indian Anime Community


India is home to 1.3 Billon people. Out of these 1.3B people, more than 50% of Indians, are below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. These young Indians have grown up watching shows like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto, and Beyblade, making Anime an integral part of their childhood and life. One such generation of kids vowed to represent India in Otaku culture.

Starting in 2015 with Otakukart, the company’s founder Sohel Moldharia started a journey to represent Indian Anime Community on a formal stage. Otakukart was started to provide up-to-date information from the Otaku world to Indian fans and inform them about every upcoming news for their favourite shows and manga. Indian Anime Community never had a News and blogging website of their own which would provide them with all the latest updates, while their western counterparts played in the big field.

Otakukart has been catering to Indian Anime Community for five years now and has achieved big accomplishments. The website now provides the latest update from Hollywood’s Latest show’s alongside informing its readers about the latest from Korean Entertainment. The company now aims to hire a pool of Indian Authors from their community and train them, providing them expertise in quality journalism. Not just this, Vibhav Pandey, MD of Otakukart, has also mentioned how the company helps supporting its community while boosting artists and writers. The company shares and promotes talented Indians who showcase their skills by creating wonderful Anime Arts.

In recent times of COVID chaos, Vibhav mentioned how Otakukart donated to local NGOs to help the unprivileged and made sure the locals around them were helped. Otakukart is also trying to bring in multinational companies to establish themselves in India to grow the anime community. By doing so, the Indian audience will have legal access to all upcoming Anime and would be discouraged from using any illegal streaming service.

Otakukart, even as a small startup, is marking a dent on a global level showing how and what Indian Anime Community can do. While serving its true purpose of providing the right information, the company has given back to its people and community. From donating to helping and reducing carbon footprint, Otakukart is an Upcoming Indian Colossal media company to go tip-toe with western giants.

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