Viral video – Pakistan actress ‘flirts’ with young Imran Khan on talk show | Cricket News

Viral video – Pakistan actress ‘flirts’ with young Imran Khan on talk show | Cricket News


Former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan remains their only skipper who has led the country to World Cup glory back in 1992. It has been noted by many of his teammates that it was him who advocated the team to adopt fearsome cricket on the pitch and the team thrived under his reign. 

Apart from his heroics on the pitch, Khan, who is also the current Prime Minister of the country, was popular among the female celebrities both in and across the border. Recently a newspaper clip linking Imran and Bollywood actor Rekha went viral on the internet, giving a proof of his popularity in the film industry.  

The article had also quoted Imran’s views on dating actresses, which read: “The company of actresses is good for a short period. I enjoy their company for some time and then move ahead. I cannot even think of marrying a movie actress.” 

Now a new video clip of Imran is doing rounds on the internet, in which popular Pakistan actress Anita Ayub is seen passing a compliment to the cricketer, while stating that she has no interest in the sport.

The clip is from an old interview from popular Pakistan talk show “Yes Sir No Sir” hosted by late Moin Akhter.  

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In the video, Akhtar can be seen asking the actress questions regarding cricket with Khan sitting beside her. However, leaving everyone surprised Ayub clearly says that she has no interest in cricket, which then led to Akhtar pointing that great Pakistan cricketer sitting beside her. 

Ayub’s response then stumped both Akhtar and the audience as she went on to clarify her statement and said: “I said I’m not interested in cricket but I didn’t say I’m not interested in cricketers.” 

Here is the clip from the interview: 

According to reports, Imran also had flings with Bollywood actresses Shabana Azmi and Zeenat Aman among others.

As for cricket, Imran retired in 1992 but remained an iconic figure in his country. He then entered politics and got elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. 


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