How business has expanded in pandemic with help of Vistar Mobile POS by Applop | Technology News

How business has expanded in pandemic with help of Vistar Mobile POS by Applop | Technology News


With back to back lockdowns and instability in business Khusbu Agrawal a homepreneur from a tier 3 city in In India seems it as an opportunity, earlier she was selling her homemade Krishan clothes in her close circle but now she is selling them online in more than 20 cities, similarly, Satyam a shopkeeper having grocery store increased his business more than 300% since last year

Both Khusboo and Satyam belong to small towns in central India and this is not the only similarity between them, one more similarity is that they both expanded their offline business into online and seen massive growth in lockdown

They both used the Vistar app – An Offline to Online tool that enables anyone to start this own e-commerce website in minutes, Vistar not only allows you to create an e-commerce website but it is an end to end Point of Sale terminal (POS) that helps in GST billing, Manage Multiple Store, CRM, Vendor management, Accounting, Stock Transfer, Customer Loyalty, Dynamic Price List and Order management, Vistar has more than 47 Modules which helps in running a business and from same PSO make any offline business online.

Vistar is launched by Gurgaon based startup Applop, which has created more than 1.4 Million mobile apps with their Do-It-Yourself app creator, Applop is praise by Honorable PM Narendra Modi as – “Catalytic agent for anyone to grow” in a Startup Event in 2018.

Jyoti Singhal, Co-Founder of Applop told that she always wanted to help small businesses grow with the help of technology and online tools but for them making a website on existing e-commerce platforms is very difficult, Technology should be a tool to make things easier not complex. Thus she contributed towards product development with his Co-Founder and husband Rahul Singhal and helped the team in developing Vistar after talking with more than hundreds of homepreneur, bakers, retailers, cafes, restaurants, and small businesses.

Jyoti added that “after taking with small business owner and retailer, maximum of them were using different tools for accounting, billing, payment, CRM, cataloging, etc and none of them were synchronized, here I see the real pain point, and with having experience of solving their problems through Applop DIY tool, I asked Rahul to help her in solving this big problem especially in this pandemic when millions of retailers are struggling to run their business, I want a tool that has end-to-end solution to manage the business and make it online and thus we started Vistar”

Vistar literally means to expand and this is what exactly we are doing, enabling the business to expand from offline to online and open avenues of growth.

There are many tools available in the market that enable to create a store, sell on WhatsApp and solve one or 2 problem what makes Vistar unique is the Mobile-enabled POS, Manish Gupta a mobile store owner who has 3 outlets who finds it very difficult to transfer stock and manage to bill in all 3 stores, He is now making invoice from Vistar POS and manages online e-commerce website. Manish added “All my offline store inventory is automatically synced with my online store and I am now selling mobiles online without the burden of managing separate software for e-commerce website”.

Vistar is India’s only Integrated POS that enables real-time synchronization of inventory from offline store to online, it reduces the clutter of managing the e-commerce store separately. Its a true hybrid model and the only solution to manage offline as well as online business from a single app.

Many Smartphone brands are also adopting the hybrid model amid pandemic and lockdown restrictions, even is smaller towns and rural Indian users are now more comfortable shopping from the comfort of their home, One of Vistar’s unique feature is WhatsApp integration where business can share their e-commerce website directly over WhatsApp and users can get the order updates in WhatsApp. With the increase in WhatsApp Commerce, this feature helps in grabbing more and more customers.

With Vistar it only takes 7 seconds to create GST invoice and share with the customer over WhatsApp or print it directly, In integrated POS loyalty and payment, modes can be used at the time of billing itself. Vistar is widely used by restaurants & cafes for In-Table ordering and Digital Menu features along with loyalty points.

With the experience of solving the huge problem of mobile app with DIY app creator, Jyoti is confident that Vistar will help businesses survive and expand amid pandemic and lockdown.

You too can expand your business from offline to online by downloading Vistar app from

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