New CEO for Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises

New CEO for Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises


Vidhyashankar Sathyamurthy has been appointed as chief executive officer of the Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE), a Hyderabad-based organisation that helps to nurture Indian cultural enterprises.

Vidhyashankar has worked across a range of fields such as in the startup space, launching of new business initiatives, investment banking and public policy advocacy. He has served at Nasscom, Grant Thornton Bharat and other organisations in the past.

“We warmly welcome Vidhyashankar to the NICE family,” Enterprises founder Hari Kiran Vadlamani said, adding that the new CEO brings with him the necessary skills and experience to take forward the mission to build a culturally vibrant India. Vidhyashankar said NICE now has a greater role to play in activating the cultural economy through its growing network of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.


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