Pure Rural Police crack down on Covid norm violators

Pure Rural Police crack down on Covid norm violators


With rural areas in the district reporting high number of Covid-19 cases, Pune Rural Police have been conducting a drive against Covid norm violators and have till now taken punitive action against over 180 establishments. They have also fined over 5,600 people for not wearing masks in the last one month.

After the lockdown began, Pune Rural Superintendent of Police Abhinav Deshmukh had ordered that dedicated teams be formed at each of the 31 police stations under his jurisdiction, to take action against establishments and people violating Covid norms.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Amrut Deshmukh said, “Dedicated teams from each of the police station have been taking action against community halls, assembly halls, hotels and restaurants, roadside eateries and commercial complexes which have been flouting Covid norms. Punitive action in the forms of fine or criminal cases has been initiated. The action has been taken for violating safety norms like social distancing or crowding or for flouting the timing restrictions. We will continue to take these actions.”

As per the data shared by Pune Rural Police for May, till now, 39 community halls or marriage halls have been fined and compounding amount of Rs 1.44 lakh has been collected from them. Action has been taken against many as 142 hotel or shops and 292 roadside eateries. As many as 5,644 persons have been caught without a mask, and 1,143 vehicle drivers and 626 passengers have been fined for flouting vehicle occupancy norms or commuting without a valid reason.


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