Google Photos free unlimited storage ends today: Check out alternative services

Google Photos free unlimited storage ends today: Check out alternative services


Google Photos will no longer provide unlimited cloud storage space for images. This change will come into effect from today i.e June 1, 2021. Google had introduced this service in 2015 and last year it had announced that it will stop providing unlimited space to users from June 1, 2021.

Users will now have access to only 15 GB of free space on Google Photos. From today onwards, any images uploaded to Google Photos will count towards the 15GB free space provided to users. This 15GB free storage space is shared by Google Drive, Gmail and Photos.

Google states that it will stop providing unlimited free space to users in order to better manage the growing demand for data storage. According to Google, there are more than 4 trillion images stored in Google Photos.

Users who require more than 15GB of storage will have to start worrying about where they are going to get the extra space they need.

Users can just buy more space on the platform itself by purchasing a Google One subscription. Google One subscription provides additional storage space to users for a specified amount of time.

The cheapest Google One plan is for Rs 130 per month. It offers 100 GB of storage space. Those interested can also go for an annual plan of Rs 1,300, which provides the same storage space for an entire year.

Alternatives to Google Photos

Apple iCloud and Apple One

Apple enthusiasts have two options to increase the amount of storage space they can consume, They can either go for iCloud plans or subscribe to Apple One which provides a host of services. Apple One gives users access to iCloud storage, Apple Arcade, TV+ and Music.

The cheapest iCloud plan is Rs 75 for 50GB storage space. Other plans are Rs 219 for 200GB and Rs 749 for 2TB storage. An Apple One plans would cost users Rs 195 per month for access to 50GB of storage space on iCloud.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos can serve as an alternative for Google Photos. Amazon Photos provides features like photo editing and sharing. It also allows users to share space with up to five family members.

Amazon Photos comes bundled with Amazon Prime. Non-Prime members can subscribe to the service for $1.99 (Approx. Rs 150) per month and receive 100GB storage space.


Dropbox is used by many for file sharing but it also serves other functions. It provides cloud storage through its DropBox Passwords and DropBox Transfers features. It offers 2GB of free storage but users can purchase more space. Additional storage space plans start at $9.99 (approx Rs 730).

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