Al Dubai Media Is Hiring Talents In India After Success In The Middle East and West | Companies News

Al Dubai Media Is Hiring Talents In India After Success In The Middle East and West | Companies News


“Global Digital Marketing annual spend has crossed over $400 Billion as of 2021 according to the reports”, says one of the leading modern digital marketing agency founded in 2018, Al Dubai Media is empowering brands and individuals, helping them build their digital presence in a way that possibly no other company is doing. Digital is a huge arena, a universe of interactive and immersive experiences which acquaint brands with their audience to leave an inquisitive impression on their minds. Al Dubai Media leads by giving importance to digital advertising, Social Media as well as digital PR.

When most people think of PR, first thought to strike their mind is traditional news paper feature, however this practice has evolved as the world moves ahead. Now PR or Public Relations is all about storytelling and communicating better with your audience through an impactful story. As modern PR has been shifting focus to the online world for some time now, becoming an important part of many successful SEO & Branding campaigns. Digital PR is a practice that uses all the principles as traditional PR however takes it a level further because the audience that can be reached in the digital world is massive. “Showcasing the narrative of your life or business digitally through a good story not only increases your sales but highly increases your brand value,” says Shubham Singh Dhanda CEO of Al Dubai Media. Focusing on this approach, the company has been thriving, claiming to have achieved $2 Million annual revenue in 2020.

The company Al Dubai Media was first setup in Dubai as the name suggests itself, by a young entrepreneur from India, Shubham Singh Dhanda. Later on the company laid it’s foundations in USA and Canada. And as they say, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision”, this success was not possible without the right people, two successful Businessmen and well known figures in the Music Industry, Ahmad Gad, popularly known as ‘DB Gad’ and Julez Kalima holding the position of Directors in UAE and Canada divisions respectively. Shubham later came to India to expand the business with a former Google employee Pramod Sarai who now holds the position of Director in India division of the company.

Ready to set the base of their company Al Dubai Media in India, Shubham Singh Dhanda said “We were widely known as the Music Marketing Company in preceding years of establishment however in Indian market our focus will be the Real Estate and Accommodation industry, as Indian companies lack modern marketing which the western culture is readily adapting and in the growing market of India, we will focus not only on modern marketing but bringing blockchain technology into the eyes and ears of the audience”, further adding “The team of Al Dubai Media is working under the rich expertise of its leaders has so far successfully managed 700+ clients Globally with almost 100% client retention rate! Now, what else should we consider success”. Al Dubai Media has also been recognised as one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies by the International Business Times in 2020. In the difficult times of COVID, the company has faced several challenges however as the world is shifting online, Al Dubai Media manages to grow exponentially and is ready to start the hiring process in the Indian subcontinent this summer for talents in creative and technical fields to positively impact Indian Marketing Industry.



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