NDTV journalist speaks the language of terrorists, makes gaumutra jibe

NDTV journalist speaks the language of terrorists, makes gaumutra jibe


NDTV journalist Saurabh Shukla today took to Twitter to toe the same line as Ahmed Dar, the Islamist terrorist of terror outfit Jaish-e-Muhammad, who carried out the dastardly attack on the CRPF convoy in Pulwama in February 2019 and killed 40 CRPF soldiers. In a conversation on Twitter, Shukla made a gaumutra jibe to mock the Uttar Pradesh government and hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Shukla was responding to a tweet posted by journalist Rohini Singh when he made the gaumutra (cow urine) jibe. Journalist Prashant Kumar had posted a tweet informing that the Delhi government has permitted the home delivery of liquor in the state as it began the first phase of unlocking. Rohini Singh congratulated Prashant on his tweet, to which Shukla responded that Prashant Kumar no longer stays in Delhi and lives in Ghaziabad, where he would get the home delivery of gau mutra for ordering liquor.

“Now he stays in Ghaziabad, aur wahan daru mangega to Gau mutra ki home delivery milegi,” Shukla said while responding to journalist Rohini Singh’s congratulatory tweet to Prashant Kumar, who had tweeted that Delhi Government had started permitting home delivery of liquor in the new excise rules, and the web portals and apps can be used to avail the service.

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It is worth noting that though Ghaziabad is considered a part of the Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region), it comes under the jurisdiction of the Uttar Pradesh government, just like Noida comes under Uttar Pradesh and Gurgaon, located on the western border of Delhi, falls under the Haryana administration. Through his tweet, Shukla tried to mock Yogi Adityanath’s government in the state, a regime known for being assertive and unapologetic of its cultural identity, but ended up exposing his Hinduphobia.

For a long time now, Hinduphobes have been using gaumutra barbs to deride Hindus and ridicule their beliefs. Shukla, an NDTV journalist, felt no compunction aping the Islamists, who have been making gaumutra jibes to insult Hindus and justify attacks against them.

Hinduphobic Gaumutra jibe is language of terrorists

Gaumutra’ jibe is often used by Islamist terrorists before attacking Indians, especially Hindus. In 2019, a Pakistan-backed Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist in a suicide attack had killed as many as 40 CRPF soldiers in Pulwama, Kashmir. Following the attack, a video was released in which the terrorist could be heard saying he wanted to punish and kill the ‘cow urine drinkers’ in the name of Allah. The terrorist identified as Adil Ahmed Dar alias Waqas was seen admitting that he had joined the Jaish-e-Mohammad a year ago. In the video, he had referred to Indians as “Gae ka Peshab Peene Wale” (People who drink cow urine). 


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