5-year old girl dies in Jalore district due to dehydration

5-year old girl dies in Jalore district due to dehydration


With temperatures soaring in the state of Rajasthan, a 5-year-old girl who had set out to go to another village on foot along with her grandmother lost her life due to dehydration in the Jalore district of Rajasthan. 

In a distressing incident on Sunday, a shepherd found an old lady and a girl child lying unconscious on the road and informed the village head immediately. By the time a team of police arrived, the 5-year-old girl had lost her life due to dehydration while the old lady was saved due to light rains. 

Lost in the dunes

As per reports, Sukhidevi, a resident of Doongri village had set out on foot with her granddaughter on Sunday to meet her sister residing in another village. As the weather was cool she took the decision of walking to the village, however, lost her way in the sand dunes.

As the temperature began to soar in the afternoon, the lady, as well as the young girl, fell unconscious as they could find no source of water after covering a distance of just ten to twelve kilometers from the village.

The lady has been shifted to a hospital for treatment, whereas, the young girl’s body was handed over to her relatives after conducting a post-mortem.

BJP leader lashes out at Rajasthan govt 

OpIndia reached out to Rajasthan BJP leader Vijay Singh Bainsla who lashed out at the Congress-led ruling government for misplaced priorities. 

“The government needs to be more sensitive towards what is important and get their priorities right. If they are going to spend 300+ crores to make big buildings with 5-star facilities to house only the MLAs while the population of Rajasthan is dying because of thirst, there is a lack of correct priority and direction in the government,” said Bainsla. 

This throws light on how the water crisis in the state of Rajasthan still prevails even a few kilometers away from a village.


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