Australian Man Who Claims to be Prince Charles, Camilla’s ‘Lovechild’ Shares New Photo Comparison

Australian Man Who Claims to be Prince Charles, Camilla’s ‘Lovechild’ Shares New Photo Comparison


A man, who has on several occasions claimed to be the love child of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, has once again shared comparison photos with his so-called parents. Engineer Simon Dorante-Day, who hails from Australia, has recently posted comparison photos to support his outlandish claim of being a part of the British Royal Family. Dorante-Day uploaded two pictures of himself along with two of the Duchess of Cornwall on Facebook. In the caption, he wrote that if people still can’t see the similarity, then they are actually not looking for it.

The 55-year-old, who has nine children, had also shared comparison shots of Prince of Wales and his son Liam. Dorante-Day believes that the royal couple had conceived him when they were teenagers, Charles was 17, and Camilla 18. This is several years before when they are said to have actually met in 1970.

His adoptive grandparents Winifred and Ernest used to work as a cook and gardener for Her Majesty and Prince Philip. Dorante-Day said that his grandparents had informed him several times that he was a royal son. He was born in Gosport, Hampshire before he was taken to Australia.

Previously, he has filed documents thrice to the Australian High Court demanding the Duke and Duchess to take DNA tests. After his latest post, people have come out in support of Dorante-Day and his claims. One of the users wrote that as a mother, she must be crying in silence. “The similarities are stunning,” wrote another. People in his comment section were fully confident that Dorante-Day is the son of a royal couple, who got married in 2005. They even highlighted his facial similarities with Prince Charles.

He had earlier claimed that his letters were ignored by the royal couple. The duo has never publicly responded to his claims.

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