Khalsa Aid founder admonishes cricketer Harbhajan Singh for apology over Bhindranwale post

Khalsa Aid founder admonishes cricketer Harbhajan Singh for apology over Bhindranwale post


On June 7, Ravinder Singh, founder of Pro-Khalistani organisation Khalsa Aid questioned cricketer Harbhajan Singh for his ‘apology’ over the Bhindranwale post. In a tweet, he said, “Dear Harbhajan Singh! Ask these trolls how many times they’ve tweeted against the criminals in the Indian Parliament!! Don’t apologise for your history! First they attack us, then they want to silence us!!” Singh also shared a 2019 report that talked about the criminal cases against elected MPs in 2019.

Tweet by Khalsa Aid founder Ravinder Singh. Source: Twitter

Harbhajan had posted an Instagram story remembering Bhindranwale, then apologised

On June 6, on the 37th anniversary of the day when Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was killed during Operation Bluestar, cricketer Harbhajan Singh had posted an Instagram story in which he glorified the Khalistani Terrorists. His post was heavily criticised on social media platforms. After receiving a lot of flak from every nook and corner, Harbhajan posted an apology on Twitter and claimed he was “not aware of the content of the post.”

He said that the image he shared was a WhatsApp forward message, and he shared it without realising the content in it or the significance of the same. He said that he does not subscribe to the views on the post or support the people whose pictures it carried. “I am a Sikh who will fight for India and not against India,” he said while apologising unconditionally for the same.

Ravinder Singh is a well-documented Khalistan supporter

The founder of Khalsa Aid, Ravinder Singh, is a well-documented Khalistan supporter. He had tried to whitewash the atrocities done by Khalistani terrorists, including Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, several times in the past. This year as well, he had published a series of posts on his social media platforms to “remember those who were killed during Operation Bluestar”.

It has to be noted that his organisation has been a frontrunner in supporting farmer protests. Pro-Khalistani groups had caused the violence in Delhi’s Red Fort on the occasion of Republic Day this year and have been deemed one of the possible reasons for the Covid-19 spike in Punjab during the second wave.


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