DNA Exclusive: How people make excuses to escape COVID-19 vaccination, check here | India News

DNA Exclusive: How people make excuses to escape COVID-19 vaccination, check here | India News


New Delhi: In this segment of DNA, we analyse a plethora of excuses used by Indians to avoid the COVID-19 vaccine. In several states, people are avoiding the vaccine and are coming up with brilliant excuses. America’s first President George Washington once quoted that 99 per cent of failures is the result of people who make excuses and this statement fits the bill today to describe the current status of inoculation drive in India.

The effect of the confusion spread in the country regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is still visible. People are making all kinds of excuses for not getting vaccinated and they have some brilliant excuses for doing so. 

We take a look at some of the most common ‘ready to offer’ justifications people have for not getting vaccinated. 

Vaccination will lead to fever 
We are old and hence, what’s the need for the vaccine
Everyone has to die one day, so what’s the point of vaccination? 
I freak out and so I won’t get vaccinated 
I do not have the money to get the shot 
I don’t posses an Aadhar card and hence can’t get vaccinated 
It’s very hot now. Will get vaccinated when the heat subsides
I didn’t test positive, so why get vaccinated
The vaccine isn’t effective and won’t save us from disease 

These are the 10 major excuses that people of the country have against the inoculation drive. The excuses also give an idea about the character of such people. Excuses have become a part of human beings’ DNA and we have let ourselves get adapted to it. It is not that we trained ourselves to make excuses after we grew up. We have been doing this since our childhood.

Children make excuses for reaching late to school, taking a day off from school, not completing their homework, leaving their meals unfinished and making excuses to hang out with friends.By the time we reach college or find a job, we turn themselves into an expert in making excuses. This is to say that human beings end up making excuses as their friends, whereas in reality, excuses are our worst enemies that stop us from achieving goals or reaching the perfection. 

Today, something similar is happening regarding the inoculation drive against coronavirus. India reported its first case of COVID-19 in January 2020. By April, the entire country was keen on knowing when will we have our first COVID vaccine. A year later, when the vaccine drive began in the country, a section of people displayed their trait, in which they had achieved the perfection – EXCUSES for not getting the COVID jab. 

History has it that every time people supported the steps and decisions taken in the interests of the country, we have emerged victorious. 

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