Ex-India Today journalist defends man who spoke about ‘hate sex’ with ‘Sanghis’, says he’s gay

Ex-India Today journalist defends man who spoke about ‘hate sex’ with ‘Sanghis’, says he’s gay


Former India Today journalist Aishwarya Subramanyam on Wednesday justified the rape culture of the ‘woke liberals’ after a Clubhouse conversation normalising rape culture went viral on social media.

Subramanyam’s justification

Subramanyam was part of the Clubhouse conversation along with other social media influencers like Kusha Kapila where ‘hate sex’ with Sanghis was being justified and ‘Sanghis’s were dehumanised.

Apparently, Kadamboor’s fantasising rapes on ‘Sanghis’ is okay because he’s gay and he was joking about ‘Sanghi men’ and not women.

The level of wokeness is too damn high.

Approximately 8,000 people were listening to a conversation where one Neeraj Kadamboor was flaunting how he sometimes fantasises about ‘Sanghis’ and would like to have ‘hate sex’ with them.

‘Hate sex’ is sexual intercourse with someone you don’t like. It is on a very thin line of sexual abuse as hate sex is often forceful and more often than not without consent.

Soon, more people joined in in defending Kadamboor because he is gay and calling out his rape jokes is ‘targeted harassment’.

Aishwarya accusing those calling out Kadamboor of ‘targeted harassment’

Since as a ‘queer man’, Kadamboor was fantasising about raping ‘Sanghi types’, it is okay since it was about men and not women. Those raising objection to such thought process were accused of ‘targeted harassment’.

In multiple tweets, the former India Today journalist continues to defend Kadamboor for his rape jokes because he’s gay and people from gay community need to be ‘protected’.


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