Socio political entrepreneur Priyank Shah reigns with his dedicated efforts to make a difference | Special News

Socio political entrepreneur Priyank Shah reigns with his dedicated efforts to make a difference | Special News


“I simply assign all my abilities towards initiatives that are centred around the welfare of people, being driven by the need to make this world a better place to live in, I am dedicated to the belief that a group of committed individuals have the capacity to bring revolutions.”

Such profound words are the motivation that drives some of the most revolutionary campaigns that the man in frame leads with. Priyank Shah is a young and dynamic socio- political geek who has carved an identity for himself for his overarching efforts at empowering society in various endeavours.

Priyank Shah inspires citizens today with various expansive roles of being a visionary entrepreneur, a dexterous social worker, motivational speaker and founding member to various foresighted initiatives such as Pune Covid Bulletin, Youth Connect Pune, to name a few.

A foodie himself, Priyank is the founder of two noteworthy pure vegetarian restaurants – Gokul Pure Veg and Samadhan Pure Veg.

Having worked relentlessly towards empowering individuals throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Priyank Shah has also led from the front in various food distribution campaigns to the needy through ‘Youth Connect’, an initiative by Hon. Vandana Chavan a member of parliament(Rajya Sabha).

A motivational speaker par excellence, Priyank has the power to drive people in being the best version of themselves through his inspirational and encouraging talks.

Being a founding member of the Pune Covid Bulletin, Priyank Shah also hosts a weekly live session on the official handle of the organisation called ‘Doctor on call’, where Covid specialist Dr Shishir Joshi, puts doubts and apprehensions of the viewers to rest.

Another benevolent and kind gesture of this young dynamo has seen him start the initiative ‘Raat Ka Dabba’, through which he has taken the task of distributing 50 food packets a day, to the needy and underprivileged. This magnanimous man is driven by the motto of the initiative ‘no one should sleep hungry’ amidst the pandemic.

Being an active social worker, Priyank has put overarching efforts in campaigns that are aimed at tree plantations, environment conservation and safeguarding the wildfire.

He, along with a team of environment conservation enthusiasts has helped identify feeding places for bird and planted bird nests and Bird Feeders to save as many birds as possible.

It is because of such notable actions of Priyank Shah that he has been conferred with the celebrated position of being the Vice President of Industry & Business cell of the NCP, (National Congress party). With such breakthrough and visionary endeavours, Priyank has become a renowned name that stands for dedicating his life for the service of plant, animal and human lives while leading as an entrepreneurial stalwart. 

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