Stop eating these food items before sleeping to keep obesity at bay! | Health News

Stop eating these food items before sleeping to keep obesity at bay! | Health News


New Delhi: Obesity has become a major health hazard. With COVID-19 restrictions, more and more people are staying at home and leading a sedentary lifestyle, which is not at all good for your health. The lockdown has also led people into binge eating – a cause of great worry as it can lead to obesity. Another major factor that leads to weight gain is eating a heavy dinner. This is because there is not much physical activity that you undertake between your last meal and before sleeping. Thus the fat from food is not burned and is rather stored in the body.

According to diet experts Dr. Ranjana Singh, dinner should be eaten about 3 hours before sleeping.

Dr Ranjan also lists some food items that should preferably not be consumed before sleeping. They are:


If you eat noodles at night, then the carbs and fats found in it can spoil your health. There is absolutely no fiber in it and due to all these reasons your weight can increase rapidly.


Chocolates have high sugar content along with caffeine – both of which are bad for sleep as you can get a sugar rush and caffeine can take away your sleepiness. High sugar content in them can lead to weight gain. It is better to abstain from eating chocolates after dinner.

Fried food items

Fried food can increase your weight rapidly, because fried food contains carbs and fatty acids, which work to increase your stomach acidity and weight. So try to eat light food at night which can be easily digested.



Some people like to drink soda to digest dinner, but they contain high sugar content which works to increase belly fat rapidly. Therefore it is better to soda drinks before sleeping.



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