The ‘rape culture’ of liberals – How ‘woke’ influencers are openly asking to target ‘Sanghi’ women

The ‘rape culture’ of liberals – How ‘woke’ influencers are openly asking to target ‘Sanghi’ women


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On June 9, an audio of Clubhouse conversation between the alleged social media’ influencers’ started to make rounds on Twitter where the speaker normalised ‘hate sex’ with ‘sanghis’ because women are ‘hot’. In the undated conversation, that happened on the Clubhouse app in a room titled “sex with your ex” on the topic “Do you only date hot people”, one speaker identified as Neeraj Kadamboor (Instagram ID kadamboorneeraj) made a derogatory remark on women who are opposed to his political ideology. Squineon, the Twitter user who shared the audio, called it ‘sex jihad’ demanded strict action against the members of the room.

Janice, who was one of the moderators of the room, asked Neeraj if he only dates hot people. He said, “I do all kind of people, but on dating apps, I do sometimes thirst for these very hot Sanghi types. Just for fun.” Many people laughed at his statement. Another speaker identified on Clubhouse as Varshita said, “Sanghis are not hot,” to which Neeraj replied, “They look hot but…” He was again interrupted by another speaker and moderator identified as Aishwarya on Clubhouse who sarcastically said, “It’s Sanghis, so you know Neeraj…”

Neeraj continued to justify his “thirst for hot Sanghi women” on dating apps and said, “You know just for like the opposite of paper bag sex if I could cover the…” and he was interrupted again. Another speaker in the room said, “It is like hate sex,” and everyone laughed.

Reaction on social media

The audio went viral on the social media platform and attracted flak from the netizens.

One of the social media influencers present in the chat was Kusha Kapila, who chose not to speak up against the problematic statements on women.

What is paper bag sex?

It is an urban slang used to define the act of covering the face (with a paper bag) of the girl during intercourse as an attempt to preserve the attraction. It is often used in a sense to tell the person (in most of the cases, a girl) that she has a nice figure, but her face is not attractive.

What is hate sex?

Hate sex can be defined as an intercourse session with someone you dislike or hate. Instead of venting out your emotions, the person has intense sex. In simple words, a physical relationship between two people where there is no emotional connection between the two and one of the partners hates the other who is completely unaware of it. Such experiences are known to leave a permanent scar on the victim causing major trust issues in life. In many cases, such instances lead to rape, murder and acid attacks.


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