38 years on, Argentina looking for its missing, launches international campaign | World News

38 years on, Argentina looking for its missing, launches international campaign | World News


New Delhi: The shadows of history are difficult to leave, and when many are missing they become part of the present. Even after 38 years since the end of the civic-military dictatorship of Argentina in 1983 several remain missing.

The country is still looking for them and has launched an international campaign for it. The Argentine government, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, and relatives are still looking for more than 350 granddaughters and grandsons who live with their false identities.

The dictatorship in Argentina from 1976 to 1983 not only saw massive human rights violations but the abduction of about 500 babies, girls and boys. These children, separated from their families, grew up with false identities, unknown as to who they were.

Since the fall of the dictatorship, 130 cases have been solved but 350 persons still remain missing. To find the missing, “#ArgentinaTeBusca (#ArgentinaIsLookingForYou) International Campaign” has been launched.

Earlier this year, the campaign was launched by Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Argentina’s CONADI or National Commission for the Right to Identity, and the government of Argentina.

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo is an Argentinian human rights organization that aims to locate these children. Interestingly the organization, chaired by Estela de Carlotto, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times for the work.

Argentina’s embassies and consulates, including in India, are pitching for the campaign to find its missing. They have released a brochure as well that says, “Were you born between 1974 and 1983” then “you might be one of the granddaughters or grandsons we are looking for” with the hashtag – #ArgentinaTeBusca

In the process of search, even genetic data has been used to identify the children who were kidnapped. The issue remains sensitive in the country with many waiting for their missing ones, those who are still alive but living with false identities.

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