Complaint filed against Andhra DGP for hate speech against Hindus

Complaint filed against Andhra DGP for hate speech against Hindus


After social media posts of an IPS officer from Andhra Pradesh PV Sunil Kumar’s bashing Hindus went viral on social media, Legal Rights Observatory (LRO), the legal activism non-profit group, has filed a complaint against him for indulging in hate speech against Hindus.

The complaint detailed several activities of the IPS officer who is the Additional Director General of Police, (Crime Investigation Department) in the Andhra Pradesh Government.

As per the complaint, Kumar runs an organization by the name “Ambedkar’s India Mission” and is known for hate speeches against Hindus and peddling divisive communal/caste-based politics. 

Officer misusing his power and position

The complaint stated that the officer is abusing his position by running a private organization, thereby, violating Section 3 of The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1966. Kumar has frequently indulged in provoking people belonging to the Scheduled Caste by making hateful comments against the Hindu religion, scriptures and Gods through his social media handles.

In an instance dated 26th November 2020 (India’s Constitution Day), Kumar went live from the official Facebook page of his organization and abused the Hindu religion and sacred scriptures like Vedas and Puranas. The video, however, is no longer on Facebook.

In another viral video, Kumar can be seen praising the Britishers for giving them a God to pray when they were allegedly disallowed by the Hindu society, thereby, admitting that he is a Christian.

“When we aren’t allowed into Temples, Britishers showed Gave us a Church, When we aren’t allowed to have one God, Britishers showed us a God, When we aren’t allowed to study, Britishers introduced education to us”, he can be seen commenting from a stage at an event. 

SC status for Christians

Demanding SC status for the SC’s who converted to Christianity, Kumar in an interview to The Times of India had confessed that he will represent only the SC Mala community and will oppose the inclusion of any other caste in the SC category list.

He has also been reportedly advocating for separate gram panchayats for the SC community.

Videos removed after complaint

LRO updated that the videos of PV Sunil Kumar where he was seen making derogatory and abusive comments against Hindu Religion were taken down immediately after the complaint.

Submitting the downloaded copies of the same, LRO has urged the Union Home Ministry to take strict actions against him.

Complaint demands removal of the officer from his position

“Being a bureaucrat of prestigious All India Civil Services, he is openly spreading hatred against Hindu religion which is being followed by majority people of the Country thereby hurting the sentiments and trying to incite communal tensions between different religious groups in the state of Andhra Pradesh,” the complaint reads.

Hence, the complaint has demanded the removal of the officer from service pointing out to the recent Madras High Court ruling. 

The ruling states that those who avail reservation benefits on joining government services and later change their religion should be removed from service.

Additionally, LRO has urged Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary of Union Ministry of Home Affairs, to issue directions to the Andhra Pradesh Police to file an FIR against PV Sunil Kumar and conduct a probe into his finances to see if he or his organization has any links with national and international donors.


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