Cyber experts rubbish the offer of hacker group to sell CoWIN data

Cyber experts rubbish the offer of hacker group to sell CoWIN data


On June 10, DarkTracer, a criminal intelligence profiling platform, posted a tweet saying that a hacker group that goes by the name “Dark Leak Market” has allegedly leaked the CoWIN Portal database on the dark web. They shared a screenshot of the post in which the hackers claimed to be reselling the database for $800. They also claimed that they are not the “original leakers” of the data. In the tweet, DarkTracker said that the hackers posted the information of about 150 million vaccinated people.

In the screenshot, the alleged hacking group claims that they have details like name, mobile number, Aadhaar ID, GPS location state etc of the vaccinated people from the CoWIN portal. They have added they are the only reseller of the data, and they have not leaked the same.

Experts rubbished the claims

Internet Security Researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, however, rubbished the claims. He said that the alleged hacking group is trying to make money by selling fake data in the name of leaked data from the CoWIN portal. In a tweet thread, Rajshekhar said, “Cowin Portal not hacked!! Some Fake #DarkwebLeakMarket are claiming to sell data of 150 Million COVID19 Vaccinated People of India. It’s completely fake. It’s a Bitcoin Scam. Don’t Trust. Check Screenshots. They are listing fake leaks.”

He further added that the said market is known for posting fake data leaks and scamming people. “They are just taking Bitcoin for nothing. Data Sample also not available anywhere.”

OpIndia contacted Rajshekhar to learn more about the claim and why there is nothing to fear. He said, “For someone unknown to such dubious claims, it can be an alarming situation. However, in reality, the hackers who claim to have access to the database are known for posting fake claims. There is nothing to fear, and the Cowin Portal is absolutely safe.”

Sanjeev Gupta, Secretary, ISCS, Home Ministry, GoI echoed with Rajshekhar’s explanation and said, “I trust Rajshekhar more and hence won’t get swayed by these Dark Tracer & other such handles. So, there has been no hack of #CowinPortal. There is just no need for panic. Will check with official sources as well, if need be.”

Sunny Nehra, Admin at Hacks And Security, said, “99% of the darknet forums, 99% of the posts we get on shady forums meant for data or tools are merely scams. People talk about the darknet everywhere, but they need to understand that least things are authentic there. It’s like you will get the ad of red rooms everywhere, but no one could ever prove that it exists… no proofs till date.”


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