BJP-led central government should cooperate with states instead of acting as obstructionists: Manish Sisodia | India News

BJP-led central government should cooperate with states instead of acting as obstructionists: Manish Sisodia | India News


New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia addressed a press conference, condemning the BJP-led central government for acting as obstructionists to the Delhi government’s work. He mentioned a press conference done by a senior Minister from the Central government who had attacked Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with regard to Delhi’s oxygen management, ration distribution etc. 

Sisodia spoke about how all BJP leaders address the media once a day to slam CM Arvind Kejriwal instead of speaking on pertinent topics related to India’s development or vaccine management or the people of this nation. He said the BJP government’s single point agenda was to slam opposition parties that don’t support BJP’s agenda.

Sisodia said, “They will either condemn the West Bengal Government or the Jharkhand Government or Maharashtra Government. It seems like the BJP-led Central Government has no other work but to divert focus of people and attack state governments that are actually doing some work.”

Stating the gross mismanagement and inaction of BJP-led Central Government, Sisodia said, “Only when the Supreme Court asked the Central Government to supply oxygen or face contempt, did the latter begin helping states with oxygen supply. Why didn’t the Central Government take any action for oxygen supply earlier?”

Speaking about the dilemma several students, parents and state governments were facing with regard to Board Examinations, the Deputy CM said, “Many state governments along with our nation’s children supported cancelling the examinations, but we faced objections from BJP leaders. Why were the Boards cancelled only when the Supreme Court stepped in? State Governments appealed to the Central Government for adequate vaccines, but even here the Central Government turned a deaf ear to our demands. Instead, the BJP-led Central Government just slammed State Governments. It was only when the Supreme Court interevend that Central Government woke up to our demand for vaccines.”

Sisodia further said, “It has become normal behaviour for the BJP-led Central Government to slam 4-5 State Governments which are doing actual work. The only common factor between oxygen management, vaccines, ration and COVID management is BJP’s opposition and deliberate inaction. When CM Arvind Kejriwal implored why ration cannot be delivered to households and pizza can, several BJP leaders pounced on KejriwalJi and began calling him corrupt. What is wrong if a well-thought after CM — who is an IIT graduate — promotes doorstep delivery of ration? The people of this nation are tired of the Central Government. They are tired of being led by a Government that only engages in petty politics and slams State Governments for doing good work.”

Manish Sisodia said, “People of this country elected the Bharatiya Janata Party, but now we should just call it the Bharatiya Jhagada Party. All that BJP does is fight with people. I want to tell BJP leaders to maintain its vision instead of solidifying its Bharatiya Jhagada Party image. Our citizens want a government that can collaborate with States and work together for the development of this nation. Obstructing the work of State Governments and slamming them will not result in the development of the nation. Central Government should cooperate with State Governments and I appeal to the Central Government to not act as an obstructionist.”

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