Kerala: Woman missing for 11 years found living at lover’s house next door | India News

Kerala: Woman missing for 11 years found living at lover’s house next door | India News


New Delhi: In a strange case of lovers eloping, a woman who had been missing for nearly 11 years was found to have been living in a single room with her boyfriend in his family without his family’s knowledge.

The matter came to light when Rahman, 34, son of Mohammed Khani, went missing from his home three months ago. On Tuesday, the police traced the couple were traced at a rented house in Vithanassery, a small village near Nemmara, and were produced before a court.

With this the mystery disappearacne of the girl has also been solved. The man had apparently kept his lover – belonging to another community in a tiny room at his family house at Ayiloor, without letting anyone know about it for around 11 years. 

The man met reporters on Thursday and narrated that he had to hide his lover inside his room because he feared his family. “She said she can’t stay at her house and came with me. I had to hide her as I was afraid of my family. They never liked her,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

He stated that he had ‘everything’ inside the room and he used to take his food inside the room and share it with her. The initial plan was to hide her for a few days.

“I was waiting for some money so that wecould leave the place but that was delayed. Later, I waited for some amount from the LIC. But that was also delayed and later it was received by my family,” the man said.

The Nenmara Police Station House Officer Deepa Kumar in a statement said that no one knew about their relationship. Basheer, Rahman’s older brother, claimed to have a separate room that was always shut. Rahman, a house painter, was adamant about no one entering the room. For 11 years he fooled his father, mother and sister, who lived with him in the small house.

The court heard the matter and allowed the woman to go with her lover as they had decided to live together.


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