Rohit Sardana Foundation launched to support ‘nation-first’ journalism

Rohit Sardana Foundation launched to support ‘nation-first’ journalism


Senior Journalist Pramila Dixit, the wife of late journalist Rohit Sardana, has launched a foundation in the name of senior journalist that intends to create social impact in journalism.

Senior Aaj Tak journalist Rohit Sardana had passed away recently due to Covid-19. Rohit Sardana, one of the country’s most respected journalists, had tested positive for the Coronavirus and passed away after suffering a heart attack.

The foundation launched by his family aims to encourage, empower and support journalism that puts nation-first.

Taking to Twitter, Pramila Dixit announced the decision to launch a foundation in honour of the deceased journalist, who stood for integrity and objective journalism in the country.

“The passing away of a person may be considered as the passing away of his body, but his thoughts live on forever. The Rohit Sardana Foundation is just the beginning of a new episode that is committed to keeping alive the nation first in journalism,” said Pramila Dixit on Twitter.

According to Dixit, the foundation aims to create a social impact through journalism. In addition, the foundation aims to encourage, empower and support journalism that puts nation-first.

In addition, the trust has also launched a fundraiser to support the cause of nationalistic journalism in the country. The trust aims to raise a fund of Rs.3 crore to support this noble endeavour. However, the fundraiser has not yet received any major support as it has received less than 1 per cent of the total intended target.

The foundation thrives on executing many plans and dreams shared by Rohit Sardana and also tries to bring a massive impact in the field of journalism. The funds raised from this campaign will be utilized for funding research, innovation and advancement in the field of mass media.

The fund also aims to provide scholarships, grants, other monetary assistances for media persons and promote education in journalism and mass communication. In addition, research and contribution to the development, reform of journalism are also the important priorities of the foundation.

The foundation also has plans to award annual Rohit Sardana Awards to encourage promising journalists who are making India strong.

Here is a link to the fundraiser to support Rohit Sardana Foundation. The foundation intends to collect Rs.3 crore for the noble endeavour in the next two months.


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