COVID-19: No need for immediate change in Covishield dosage interval, says Centre | India News

COVID-19: No need for immediate change in Covishield dosage interval, says Centre | India News


New Delhi: Amid reports saying that it would be better to shorten the gap between two doses of Covishield COVID-19 vaccine, the Centre on Friday (June 11, 2021) said that there is no need for immediate change in its dosage interval. 

While addressing the media briefing on COVID-19, Dr VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog assured that there is ‘no need for panic’ on the need for an immediate change in the dosage interval of Covishield

He said, “There is no need for any panic, suggesting need for immediate switchover or change in the gap between the doses. All these decisions must be taken very carefully. We must remember that when we increased the gap, we had to consider the risk posed by the virus to those who have received only one dose. But the counterpoint was that more people will then be able to get the first dose, thereby giving a reasonable degree of immunity to more people.” 

He added, “We need to balance these concerns. So, please remember, that we need to necessarily have this debate and discourse in the public domain. However, the decision has to be taken by appropriate fora comprising eminent people who are knowledgeable about this.”

He highlighted the need for due scientific process in arriving at such decisions

Dr Paul also urged to ‘respect the decisions’ of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation as quite a few people of the NTAGI have been a part of WHO panels and committees and are globally renowned and recognized for their eminence.

“NTAGI is regarded as a standard when it comes to global and national immunization programmes. So, please respect their decisions,” he said.

“Let the decision regarding dose interval be examined by NTAGI, as per due process. The United Kingdom must have adopted due process and examined data scientifically, to revise their previous decision regarding the gap. The UK had earlier kept the gap at 12 weeks, but as per data available to us, we did not consider it safe at that point,” he stated. 

He further added, “So, let us entrust this to our scientific fora, they must be addressing it already. They will review it based on the pandemic situation in our country, depending on the extent of prevalence of the delta variant in our country and then take a comprehensive view. Whichever decision is taken by our scientific community, we will honour it.”

Meanwhile, as of Friday evening, India has administered more than 24.93 crore coronavirus vaccine doses.

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