Announcing The SMRNation Community – Sexy Marriage Radio

Announcing The SMRNation Community – Sexy Marriage Radio


About a week ago we began spreading the word about what will be happening as we venture into 2021 with the SMRNation.

We have some big plans.And these plans directly involve YOU!

To make this a reality, we’re going to need your help.

We are now rolling out an updated community/member area that will house all things SMR in one place. After all, the SMRNation needs a home that’s as sexy and cool as its residents. Right?!

In order to make this happen we are looking for some specific things ….

We are asking anyone who is interested in a passionate marriage to join our community —

You can join at a free level or get even more content, connection and access at deeper levels (i.e. XTD, Academy, Courses, Masterminds).

Regardless which level you choose – every level matters to the community as a whole. You see, every time you participate in a conversation – ask a question – contribute a story, experience, or idea – share a success or failure, you help build a knowledge base every member of this community can tap to make better decisions.

Plus, when you invite in as few as two new members, you’re adding rocket fuel to what this community can accomplish together. It doesn’t get any better than that.

You ready?

See you inside the Community.

~ Corey


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