Ibrahim arrested for stealing and slaughtering neighbour’s cow

Ibrahim arrested for stealing and slaughtering neighbour’s cow


In a shocking incident, a man has been caught smuggling his neighbour’s cattle and later slaughtering in the bathroom of his residence in Udupi district, Karnataka.

A video had gone viral on the internet in which a man was seen stealing a cow from his neighbour’s house. The heinous crime was reported from Nejar in the Udupi district of Karnataka. The entire act was captured on the CCTV installed near the premises.

According to the reports, Yamana Gangadhara, a resident of Pragati Nagar in Nejar, had left his cow for grazing next to his house on Sunday, June 6. Gangadhara’s neighbour Ibrahim, who was seen in the CCTV lurking around the premises, stole the cow at around 11.45 am.

Later, Ibrahim was seen returning alone at around 12:20 PM, nearly 30 minutes after stealing the cow. Reportedly, Ibrahim took the cow to his residence, where he slaughtered the animal. He went ahead and even sold the slaughtered meat at a local market.

The act of Ibrahim dragging the cow forcefully was caught on CCTV. Based on the clip, the owner of the cow filed a complaint with Malpe police.

A case in this regard is registered in Malpe police station. The police have arrested the accused.


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