Man murders daughters, dumps bodies in sea after finding out about ex-wife’s new relationship | viral News

Man murders daughters, dumps bodies in sea after finding out about ex-wife’s new relationship | viral News


Madrid: A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Spain in which a father killed his two daughters only because his ex-wife was in a relationship with another person.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the accused father is missing after committing the crime and the Police have only recovered the body of a girl child. 

Commenting on the matter, the court said that the accused man wanted to inflict “inhuman pain” on his ex-wife, so he carried out this gruesome incident.

The 37-year-old father Tomas Gimeno went missing some time ago with his six-year-old daughter Olivia and one-year-old Anna. 

He sent a message to his ex-wife Beatriz Zimmerman, saying that she would never see his daughters again. 

The police gathered the ground and sky personnel in search of all three, but they could not be traced. 

Although Beatriz hoped that one day they would definitely get their daughters, but on Thursday all hope was shattered.

Police found Olivia’s body more than 3,000 feet below sea level. After killing the girl, the father Gimeno packed her body in a sports bag and threw it in the water. 

The police have not found the body of the other girl, but they are sure that the accused must have killed her too. 

Accused Tomas Gimeno was upset that his ex-wife was in a relationship with a wealthy man. Spanish judge Priscilla Espinosa Guterez said during the hearing of the case on Friday, “It is clear from the present evidence that the accused did not only want to take the girls away from their mothers, but he wanted to kill them.” 

To inflict inhuman pain on his former partner, he carried out this incident under a well-planned conspiracy. 

Police say that Tomas Gimeno may have killed the girls at home between 7.50 and 9 pm on April 27, immediately after the kidnapping. 

After this, he kept their bodies in separate bags and threw them in the sea. The sports bag in which the police found Olivia’s body also had an anchor which means that the accused had tried his best to make sure that the corpse could never come up. 

Gimeno was caught on CCTV loading several bags onto his boat in Santa Cruz’s Marina Tenerife the night the girls went missing.

 According to the security guard, the accused were not accompanied by girls, but the police have found such evidence from the boat of the accused, which proves that he had taken the dead body of his daughters after killing them in the bag. 

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