NCB arrests man ‘supplying marijuana to couple selling weed brownies in Malad

NCB arrests man ‘supplying marijuana to couple selling weed brownies in Malad


NARCOTICS CONTROL Bureau has found more such bakeries in Malad area, where it had raided a bakery that was allegedly producing brownies laced with cannabis. The agency arrested two persons in connection with the raid on Saturday and, on Sunday, it arrested a person allegedly supplying marijuana to the couple baking these cakes. The couple were receiving orders from several customers to bake these brownies, officials said.

“The supplier, Jagat Chaurasia, was produced before the court on Monday and sent to NCB custody for two days,” said an NCB official.

The official added, “We have received an input that apart from the bakery we raided, there are other bakeries in the area involved in baking these brownies. We will be making more such raids in the coming days.”

Officials said 830 gm edibles in the form of weed brownies were seized from the bakery at Orlem in Malad. The agency also arrested the couple involved in running the bakery, they added.

Police said the couple were getting the marijuana from Chaurasia. A raid at Chaurasia’s residence also led to recovery of marijuana, while police are also questioning him to find out about his other clients.


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