Why Demand For Luxury Cars Continues To Thrive Amid The Pandemic


Amid the raging pandemic, people are focussing more on their needs, but their wants and desires remain unbroken.

This poetic observation comes, unsurprisingly, from the head of the largest selling luxury car maker in India, Mercedes Benz. It is unsurprising because selling a product of indulgence in these times requires careful understanding of not just the market, but customer sentiment as well.

Martin Schwenk, MD and CEO of Mercedes Benz India joins CNBC-TV18’s Alisha Sachdev in this episode of the Smooth Ride Podcast to decode the reason behind sustained demand for luxury cars in the market vis-a-vis a personal-mobility led recovery in mass market passenger vehicles, how the brand looks to appeal to younger customers, and why the luxury car market remains a disproportionately small segment of India’s passenger car segment.

Martin also explains why a strong product is key to demand and what is keeping luxury car volumes from exploding in the country.

Tune in to the Smooth Ride Podcast for more.

(Edited by: By Jerome)

First Published:  IST


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