Kia Seltos split into two pieces after a horrific highway accident | Automobiles News

Kia Seltos split into two pieces after a horrific highway accident | Automobiles News


It’s horrific to see road accidents and now one such car accident has completely shocked the internet with Kia Seltos being split into two after a major accident on the Chhindwara-Nagpur highway.  The photos of the accident are doing rounds on social media as people are discussing the built quality of the car. The fatal accident led to the breakage of the car into two parts, i.e. from the B pillar to the C-pillar of the driver.

According to a report, it is being said that the SUV wouldn’t have been in a position like that had it not been rescued by the workers who might have used cutters to take out passengers.

The Saunsar Police Inspector RR Dubey told the media that the Kia Seltos was traveling at a very high speed on the two-lane NH-547 when the crash occurred.

A survivor informed the Police that a biker suddenly entered the main road and eventually the car collided with the bridge wall and which led to the breaking of Kia Seltos into two pieces.

However, the police revealed that rescue workers play no role in cutting the car into pieces and that the impact of the crash led to this scenario. The fuel tank is below the seat and the fuel lines run below and therefore it is out of the question that any rescue worker can cut the car. This kind of crash is very rare though.

In 2019, Kia made its debut in India as Kia Motor India and Seltos was its first product at that time. Seltos became a successful car for Kia and the company came up with the Carnival MPV.  In over one-and-a-half years of sales operation in India, Kia has emerged as the fourth most sold car brand and the fastest carmaker to achieve 2,50,000 sales figures in the country.

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