Rick Bars and Jazzy Amra Hit Top 100 in Canada

Rick Bars and Jazzy Amra Hit Top 100 in Canada


Rick Bars and jazzy Amra made it to the Top 100 charts in Canada with their song De Lo Mio. Over 3.5 Million views in counting so far. These New York Artists have been getting lots of attention in Latin Countries as well. Both artists are Dominican and have reached people all over the world. The song is mostly in English however, It does have Spanish lines that have people loving it.

The song has also gotten attention from Dreamville artist Cozz. Cozz gave Rick Bars & Jazzy Amra a shoutout via video and they will be working in the future. Rick Bars is a completely independent artist and not currently signed to any label. Many people are assuming that he is going to be signed by Dreamville but that has not yet been proven to be the case.

Rick Bars owns his own marketing company “Rick Bars Marketing LLC” where he provides a variety of advertising services. He seems to be very focused on promoting specifically YouTube Advertising. Spotify marketing is also available but not his website’s main selling point.It is possible that De Lo Mio will have a music video coming in July but has not been confirmed. We do know that Rick Bars and Jazzy plan to continue working together on more music/projects. It has also been rumored that His previous song “Cojelo Sauve” will have a music video once it hits 5 million views.

Link to the song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8f5Lx-gNAs

Link to charts: https://charts.youtube.com/charts/TopVideos/ca/20210528-20210603

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rick_bars/



Published June 18th, 2021


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