Olympics: Young prodigy Satyaraj Jadeja aims to represent India in Air Pistol Shooting at the Games | Other Sports News

Olympics: Young prodigy Satyaraj Jadeja aims to represent India in Air Pistol Shooting at the Games | Other Sports News


There are many types of sports played all around the world which are enjoyed by most of us. Sports is essentially an activity that requires skill and is athletic in nature. Most of the sports that are played are mainly competitive in nature and the audience wants their best player to participate and win for them.

Whether it is their favourite club or country, people are glued to watching it when they love their respective sports. Also, many youngsters have chosen it as a career and profession. We have seen and witnessed many people becoming full-time athletes and representing the nation on many national and international forums. Air Pistol Shooting is one of the sports that has gained some momentum in comparison to the bigger sports like cricket and football which are loved by everyone.

Satyaraj Jadeja who hails from Bhuj, Gujarat has been taking huge strides to make this sport popular not only in India but also globally. Being mere 18 years of age, Satyaraj has already received many awards and accolades in this sport. He specializes in 10m and 25 m air pistol shooting and is undergoing advanced training at the Raj shakti club which is a famous academy training center for students in Air Rifle and pistol shooting under the watch eyes and precision mentorship of Ronak Pandit and Heena Sidhu who are famous Indian coaches in the same field. Satyaraj dreams of representing India at the Olympics and wishes to win a medal for the country and make all of the citizens proud.

Satyaraj mentioned that Air Pistol Shooting can be one sport that can receive humongous reception and recognition if it is pitched well and introduced to the youth of India. People will take up the sport if they see the immense opportunity to excel and gain popularity. Satyaraj also shares valuable insights of the game of Air Pistol Shooting in which he mentions that this sport does not require much physical exertion but needs more mental presence and concentration. If one can work on the right stance with a firm grip and eyes on the target, they can hit the bull’s eye.

We hope that India opens its both arms to accept and influence this beautiful sport of Air Pistol Shooting. With huge talent residing in every part of our country, India is sure to produce some great heavyweight champions in this game of Air Pistol Shooting.

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